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Disruptor: A Demon Unchained (1 Viewer)


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Madness swelled, its presence as evident as putrid dung and the odor of decomposing bodyparts. The Book of Wúr could only be resisted barely, and even that by casting away Vittilaus' Staff so cold and dullness would embrace the fiery dragonling's mind. There had been blueprints made for this creation for quite some time now, however, Hyssir'larhaa could not get himself to give up any of his beautiful body's parts for a creation like this. One's soul and body is holy above all to him, especially when it is his that's in question. Way back, he had gutted and cleansed the remains of that infant dragon he had moved off from Folset's vicinity during the reign of King Greycrest. Those times were different. The fiery man had sight back in those odd and more peaceful times. But this day, he has not come to find reminiscience in anything particular, in fact, this is because of a deal he had made with King Maddoc. Domm's favored needed aid, be it any kind, and the compensation in return is by all means not to be looked down upon. Thus, the Fiery Sage, whatever title people give him it doesn't matter really, took to work and located himself amidst the Dragon Skulls of the World Forge.​
"You always craved power." - The response was to a confession inspired by a slight longing to aid the world for once, and not only that of the Dragons' own. The Golem King, or whatever other name he is addressed by is a person whose claim to fame is unquestionable. He has been a long serving faithful of the Deity Domm. He also granted the spark to Hyssir'larhaa after striking a deal likewise, just like this time... But, greed and so on has led the dragonling elsewhere. A troublesome apparition rarely seen he is today, not a holder of great strength or world moving abilities, instead, a faithful to a higher entity that is not of the deities, but instead partakes in life much like those of the mortal coil across the land. And that entity, or race, is him as well, it courses through his veins like blood in anyone else's.​
Today, as essence arcs strike into the ground, miniature depictions of leylines light up with odd green colours, the dragonling looks into himself and offers a faint sigh as his mind slowly comes to ease. He has examined an artifact originated from Foli herself, even managed to destroy it and during that process... also arranged to greatly hurt himself. Meddling with Mandisa seems to finally have paid off. Saving the dragon during the Greycrest age, while within interest range, could've been more fruitful if hunted for what it had, yet, perhaps a good deed to the land might repay itself in a lifetime perhaps. So he looked into himself, ventured across mountain peak and valley deep, paid a glance to passing ghosts who he once loved, believed in, held close. This time, when meeting Mikael's shadow, he felt no fear, only a touch of want to confess a stray feeling or naught. But in the end, it wouldn't matter. He himself did not care for the gods. At the end of the seemingly endless stairwell stood Wúr's shadow, while Erzin'lah sat toward the left while Hollowgale to the right. "One at a time... One at a time." - he repeated, then nodded to the right. With that, there was barely anything in his mind left. A great flash swept across his view, then numbness settled in. Today, there won't be one less dragonworshipper left dead on the snow. There won't be another corrupted by Foli's power. There won't be one who is consumed by power or madness. But there will be a dragon, while still not ascended to a state of pure dragonhood, there will be one who has overcome his greed, his inner-turmoil, his one dead future.​
With nothing more left to be proud of. With no image of self to turn away from friends and dutiues any longer... In the snow, under the starlit sky, defeated rests Hyssir'larhaa across the ice adorned glyphic circle. Shivering, unconscious at first, yet awake within a few moments, he inhales sharply, then with mouth agape he looks around wide-eyed in shock and understanding.​
And within the olden dungeon, now, Wur's Book awaits for its bearer to face it, once and for all, to fall or emerge victorious in Erzin'lah's glory.

@Kyle1322 coz u gave me the lavaborne dragon bb corpse
@Vyniel coz ice pillar curse
@AMOH Wur's Book now awaits the trio in a prepared environment, it is active chief
@monomyth & @llmited coz i guess this is relevant to dragon arc
@Redwall idk i tag u coz u r great man
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