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A trio of Sinnehliv would be seen arriving at and shortly departing the Spirit Isles in search of Mikael Merrigold. Tui'leere Wardens judging by the orange armbands bearing the Grove's Triskelion. They each have a falx at their side and a spear in their hand, with the oldest one bearing two scrolls on it's belt. Once finding Mikael, they would politely ask for some of his time for a message. The eldest would begin to read one of the scrolls which is written in Lahn;

"By order of Snowheart Tui'leere, Elder and Grand Warden of the Tui'leere Grove, you are henceforth summoned to Lóna, Sylvamar to be trialed by Nature on the grounds of alleged murder and breaking of Tui'leere law within Tui'leere land. These Wardens will guide you past the Onyx Herders."​

He gives a pause for the man to absorb the words before clarifying in his own words.

"Your fate is to be decided by the Grand Warden at the council of the jungle once you present your side of the truth. Under the watch of Galares, balance will be upheld to the fullest extent of both morality and law. Snowheart didn't seem... Well, willing to send this to you. I've only heard him speak well of you before this. But he's asked that we come as quick as we can but to 'avoid using portals or you may get shot'."​

The three would then wait to see if he would travel with them willingly. If refused, the second scroll would be used to record his response.


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