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This profile is a work in progress, however i thought i'd post this so people know what i have down so far.

Erika Semori - The Dragon of Magic
"Watching how people live in this world never gets old. They do though.."

[Picture of Person] - Need to commission one again actually. If you have one of my old art commissions please let me know as i dont have them!)

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Race: Dragon
Height: 4ft7
Age: Unknown, however she appears to be around 17.
Gender: Female
Voice: She sounds like Konata Isumi from the English dub of Lucky star.

Usual Apparel: Alice favors a somewhat run down set of Auraweave based clothing, looks to be almost rags
Other Apparel:
  • Spirit Hospital Uniform
  • Ascended Armor

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Family Heritage: Daughter of Vikret and Arvora
Hometown: Vikrets Realm
Political alignment: Unaffiliated
Marital Status: Single, Looking
Alignment: Neutral
Current Home(s): Spirit Island Hobbit Hole
Hygiene: Well Kept, although this varies significantly from time to time

  • The Arcane Arts <Mastery>
  • Medicine/Doctor <Mastery>
  • Shapeshifting <Mastery>
  • Polymorphing <Mastery>
Religion: Arvora & Vikret


  1. Experimentation on Mortals
  2. Observation of Mortals
  3. Repair work
  4. Pointless Construction
  • Color: Purple
  • Food: Literally Everything
  • Drink: Anything Non Alcholic
  • Activity: Making excuses to avoid having to work
  • Animal: The Panda
Least Favorite:
  • Color: Indifferent Opinion
  • Drink: Alcoholic Beverages
  • Activity: Anything Monotonous
  • Animal: Humans
  1. Blessing
    1. Demiservant of Vikret
    2. Demiservant of Arvora
    3. The Arvoras Ascended
  2. Magic
    1. Freeform Control
  1. Inept with manual handling jobs.
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Generally a lazy person, however as of recent has developed somewhat aggressive tendencies and a somewhat short temper. However when calm, she is usually typically lonely, and highly prone to boredom.

Character Traits:
  • Good: Coming Soon
  • Nuetral: Coming Soon
  • Bad: Coming Soon
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Intelligence Level: It'd be unfair to compare her inteligence to a Mortals.
-Languages Known: All
Temperament: Lazy
Attitude: Short Tempered
Sexuality: Bisexual, with a Strong Female Preference

  • Undisclosed. Find out in character!
Unconscious Aspects:
  • Undisclosed. Find out in character!
  1. Undisclosed. Find out in character!
  1. Undisclosed. Find out in character!
  • Undisclosed. Find out in character!
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Undisclosed. Find out in character!

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Relations: (COMING SOON)
Picture of Item Lore
  • Gender:
  • Species:
  • Appearance:
  • Age:
  • Story Ark:
Loved 100-90% | Best Friends 95-80% | Good Friends 80-70% | Friends 70%-60% | Acquaintances 60-55% | Neutral 55-45% | Disliked 45-30% | Hated 30-15% | Despised 15-0%

Loved: (Romantic/Family)

Name: Nobody
Percentage: ##%
Quote: "..."
In-Depth: ...

Good friends/Adored: (BFFS!)

Name: Nobody
Percentage: ##%
Quote: "..."
In-Depth: ...

Friends: (Likes/Trusts)
Name: Doctor Black @Sybbyl0127
Percentage: 79%
Quote: "So nice to have someone likeminded around. I could talk to her for hours and probably not get bored. Is that a good thing..?"
In-Depth: ...

Name: Aelingali SnowThorn @Bloomed
Percentage: 74%
Quote: "Never given me reason to distrust her. She seems like the kind of person i could rely on. Maybe even confide in if I needed to."
In-Depth: ...

Name: Seraphina Rhett @natureluvr
Percentage: 73%
Quote: "Unpredictable.. Maybe even a bit of a loose canon from time to time, but she means well, and i think i can trust her, maybe even like her. I'll never tell her that though."
In-Depth: ...

Name: Valerie Ducaran @Suldar
Percentage: 70%
Quote: "I'd say mixed feelings but to be fair, they come across as more of an ambitious kid with an open mind. It works."
In-Depth: ...

Name: Ishani De Noctis @Vyniel
Percentage: 62%
Quote: "Sometimes you just like someone but dont know why."

Name: Krianna Boise Alum @Anauriel
Percentage: 56%
Quote: "Seems nice. Shame i dont know them better though."


Name: Vitae Merrigold @Vex
Percentage: --%
Quote: "..."

Name: Avel Maddoc @ZooGarrus
Percentage: 48%
Quote: "Do I trust him? Not Really. Do i respect him as a King? Not really.. But then again I don't respect politcs anyway, so its not like it matters. He's an idiot that makes animated rocks for fun.. what else can I say?"

Name: Tiberius Rhett @Tybalt
Percentage: 45%
Quote: "Protector of The Ascended? Sometimes i'm no so sure. Part of my knows that they might stand up for us when the time is right, but i have my doubts, and far too many times have they stood against me for me to rely on them."

Disliked: (Disliked/Untrusted)

Name: Character @
Percentage: ##%
Quote: "Something you character would say about them"
In-Depth: Things they feel and stuff


Name: Mikael Merrigold @Adan
Percentage: 17%
Quote: "I dont appreciate people who make my job harder than it needs to be. You may have been blessed by my mother, but I wont be so quick to forget what you did."
In-Depth: ...

Name: Him. @---
Percentage: 0%
Quote: "He knows what he did. He's lucky I didnt just kill him when I had the chance."
In-Depth: ...

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