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Hey everyone, friendly neighborhood Kyle here with some rather bad news. As of right now the Dm's are struggling and doing their best with real life and other issues to be able to keep doing events for the players-but the problem lies in that the amount of events at present are too much, no matter how many events we can physically want to do for you.

While its been tough and we've trucked on, we're almost burning out constantly, and so with great sadness I hope you will understand that we must put in place some expected unpopular restrictions on what types of events can be done, and regulations until the tide has either slowed down, or a massive influx of new Dm's take center stage.

The changes are as follows;

  1. DM’s are to only do one event per day unless it is a period, such as vacations and they have a larger availability. Also in certain crunch situations DM’s can do more than one event a day if something is going to effect/beginning to affect THEMSELVES. But those are the only exceptions barring the gamemaster himself.
  2. Any form of Single player events that are not meant for progression such as magic etc are no longer allowed. Events such as attempts to speak to divines, but not including going to a library for artifacts are still allowed, and I will be doing separate from this rule. They will still count toward your monthly 2 events.
  3. A DM is only required to do two events per month but will be removed from the team if they are only doing the baseline of 2 without proper reasoning or excuse.
  4. Events that are exploring areas with no real purpose or predefined build to explore or arc to follow and are just ‘What do I find’ are now banned and not allowed. If nothing is there already via a DM building an Arc or already something there, nothing will be until a DM feels like they desire to do something.
While this will hopefully have the positive effect of encouraging more random events but cutting down on the amount of player events, we do recognize they will both slow down the progression and enjoyment of some groups. We apologize dearly for this, but at this point until a solution is found, we must do what we can so that we do not burn ourselves out-and you still get what fun you desire out of it. This should also hopefully improve the quality of events as well.

I hope you all understand why we are doing this, thank you!
Also, feel free to apply for ET if you so desire to try and make a change!

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