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Team Leader
Technical Support
Forum Administrator
Lore Team
Faction Team: Builds
Faction Team: Politics
Patron 7
Faction Team
  • Construction:
    • Issued three permsets:
      • FT (Permanent Permset)
      • FTWorldedit (Permanent Permset with Worldedit Access, Ports, Regions, & Voxelsniper) [No Trials]
    • All FT permsets excluding FT+may be issued temporarily or as trials under the FT Team Leaders supervision, at the FT leaders discretion.
    • Have the ability to modify the world freely, except where impedes upon managed regions, or event sites (Excluding when permission is given by relevant members or teams)
    • Handles worldedit requests
    • Team Leader Manages Regions & Region Applications
    • Must uphold & manage server pricing guides for projects where applicable to players, in accordance with server Economy coordination with Systems Administration.
  • Politics:
    • Handles conflicts between players and factions handling the war system, troop movement, regions, and NPC's.
  • Construction:
    • Server Map General Construction Duties
    • Handling of Regions System
      • Reserved to Team leader only
    • Handling of Taxes System
      • Reserved to Team leader only
    • Handling of Port Teleportation System (Requiring CTWorldedit permissions)
    • Worldedit & Voxelsniper Requests as applicable
    • Liaising with Lore & Event team to construct and prepare various builds as requested.
    • To review and Approve/decline all construction requests by other departments, regardless of who is requested to build them
    • To uphold a certain standard of construction quality on the server and its respective maps.
  • Politics:
    • Political Map Handling
    • Troop Numbers, Placement, DMing, etc.
    • Politics Maintenance
    • Decides if a region is active or inactive and is responsible for contacting the appropriate people to decide to begin removing it or not.
      • Reserved to Team leader only
Decision Making:
  • Any Map Making Decisions
  • Anything directly involving team responsibilities
  • FT (Permanent Permset)
  • FT+ (Permanent Permset with Worldedit Access, Ports, Regions, & Voxelsniper) [No Trials]
  • FT Head (Permanent Permset with All Perms)
  • +Tickets for all groups
  • Dynmap Hide & Show
    • Only for use during active FT projects
World Edit:
  • World edits may only be performed within the bounds of accepted regions or at the request of the event or ct team leads.
  • Accepting, porting in, and creating regions is the responsibility of the FT Lead unless otherwise specified.
  • Region Taxes are handled by the FT Lead.
  • Roads between settlements are to be created by FT upon request, and are free, but only if the request is approved by the owners of both regions as well as the CT Lead.
    • Roads must be within reason in terms of distance, terrain traversed, and materials used.
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