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Fall of the Last Fire (1 Viewer)


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Upon hearing a mysterious voice, Benon decided to do something so he could stay alive with his lover. With a cough here and there, he made his way to Sonaris. He made himself inconspicuous until he stood on a herald stage. He took out his grimoire, and said only two words. Those two words sent a sprout of fire from his hand, three meters into the air, and devoured the book. The crowd silenced and put away their assortment that they would've used to lynch him with.

The book slowly burns away to ashes; at the same time, the sprout of fire decreases in height. Seconds passes and the jester dusts his hands and spoke:

"This ends my time of pyromancy, for good. I am no longer a fire-breather, a fire magus, a magician, nor am I longer the flaming jester~" Benon said.

The jester makes his leave as the crowd stood stunned, and made it back to Auvrea.
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