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A series of advertisements are distributed throughout High Meadow and to local sailors. The later parties carry the documents abroad and internationally circulate them. These articles present Krianna's product to the general public.

To whom it might interest,

I have prepared First Aid Kits to support the ongoing efforts of Aethius' people. Every kit contains ten volumes of the following medicines: Burn Relief Poultices, Sting Relief Poultices, Emetics, Laxatives, five fifty gram Scorpiite Pills, and Painkillers. It holds the following Einarian Steel tools: a Syringe, sixty hubbed disposable Syringe needles, curved suturing needles, a set of surgical grade scissors, and a surgical tweezer. In addition, you will find an ample supply of Leafthin bandages, gauze, an eye patch, and suturing cordage. Beyond these supplies, there are twenty vials of cleansing alcohol for disinfecting wounds, a manual, and a large stock of anti-nausea Mints. I am currently seeking to sell these kits for twenty thousand Arunes a set. If you would like to purchase a kit, please write to me.

Krianna B. Alum


Kemetic Aesthetic

To The Alchemist, K R I A N N A

"I admire your entrepreneurial spirit. One of our
sailors brought me your advertisement. Thought
I recognized the name. I'll take two kits."

Your Friend, G A R A I



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Krianna's reply will arrive amidst the usual artwork and security features typical to her letters. The dark elf's seals, crests, and the heraldic knot are all present. The envelope is labeled," Deliver to the care of Emir Dahan."

Dear Emir Garai Dahan,

Thank you for your generosity, friend. I shall be by to deliver your kits, soon.

Krianna B. Alum


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