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Formal Request of Name Change [Ketzerjäger of Casimir] (1 Viewer)


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The Kommandant sat at his desk, and stared at his name. Then he'd glance to his greatsword. He'd roll his pauldrons, giving a great sigh. He'd take out a small feather and dipped it in ink. He'd begin to write a short letter, to which shall be distributed to the many peoples that may help him in his request:

"I, Ludwig Godfrey Arden, find my name to be useless and meaningless. My Heilig tradition, and passionate drive for the slaying of profane has allowed me to open my mind to new tides, wishing to implement this into everyone so they may fear my fury. For I grew up in North Casimir as a boy, a small farmer's child, I wish to retain that culture in my name as I am spoken to. Thus. I request my formal name be changed to Ketzerjäger of North Casimir, no last name."

Thus he'd finish writing, closing the letter as a smile crept upon his lips. Soon enough, he'd hand it off to a Rekrut to which he'd run about going to deliver it.


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