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Frenchy's Ban Appeal Thingy (1 Viewer)


Mr. Clean
Look, I'm all for resolving this conflict as peacefully as possible. I have the conversation from skype I /think/ is the issue and I can put it here if anyone's curious, I'm not trying to hide anything. I get I'm on thin ice, and typically not wanted around here. But some do want me here, and I do want to be here with those people. We don't need to have a back and forth and a hot potato game every day, this can be worked out. I just need things cleared up for me, I'm sure there are some things I could clear up for you, and this can come to a resolution very quickly.

I would have done this in a forum PM, but I can't make forum PMs, so..


High Energy
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Your behavior during your tenure here on Aethier has been exceptionally negative for a very long period of time. The Aethier Staff Team has given you a great number of chances, more than most members of the community, and perhaps among the most of any member of the community thus far. Therefore it was decided that you are no longer welcome in the Aetheir Community, or any of our platforms. This means that you are on what is called "DNR" most often, but I'll explain it here.

Players that are considered on "DNR" status are not allowed to make appeals for their bans, in any way shape or form (on the Forums, via Skype or Discord, ext). They are, in all senses of the phrase, no longer welcome in this community. Outside of this, they are not allowed to partake in any Aethier Server platform, including but not limited to:

  • The Roleplay Server
  • Any additonal servers hosted by the Aethier Community
  • The Aethier Public Discord
  • The Aethier Teamspeak Server
As far as we the Aethier Staff Team are concerned, your journey here on Aethier has come to an end. Goodbye, and good-luck with whatever your next venture in life is.

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