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Friosis Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


Been a while, hasn't it? Over a year since my last rushed Appeal and I'm back to apologize and appeal once again. I was banned for breaking rule 5. Once again I harassed and disregarded the warnings of staff members at the time, with little regard for anything but my anger. Again, I can only state my remorse for that, for holding such aggression out of some twisted sense of justice. My sincerest apologizes got to Pedicurable and Drugsonfire, as well as the entire staff team, and all players for my self righteous and indignant behavior. I cannot be sorry enough for that.

I could say I've changed, that I have become a totally different person, and that I would never let myself feel so upset again, but to do that would be kidding myself yet again. I still feel how I felt before about the events prior to my abusive behavior, even if I do recognize that behavior and response was beyond wrong. Yet, even though I cannot stop how I think and feel about those events and future events, I can control my reactions to those thoughts and feelings. Acknowledging them, and moving past their pettiness for the sake of myself and others. I can choose to let go of the momentary rage that controlled me before.

Not the grandest revelation I know, it seems obvious, but only after taking the time to think, and finding a way to balance myself did it really mean anything to me. I couldn't see past how I felt in the moment, and now I do, I feel more than petty anger or spite, I think of more than abusive and disrespectful reactions. I feel and follow the desire to move past fury to be content, and I think to show empathy rather than hostility in my reactions.

I can't promise to be whole new person, or to stop feeling like I've been slighted, as I tried to before. However, I can promise healthy and respectful behavior from me towards everyone, regardless of what has happened, or may happen. I took the steps I needed to take in order to fix my own issues, so I could stop creating more for other people. I am more than ready to return to the server, and to face the challenges that entails.


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Hello, Friosis!

After discussion with moderation team, we've decided that you're unfit to come back to the server. We'll be declining this appeal, as well as any future ones. Thank you for taking the time to write up an appeal, and I wish you good luck elsewhere, wherever it may be.

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