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So hello, all! My name is Angelhugz247, or you may know me as Abbi, and I'm gathering up information for a guide I have in the works. I didn't think to post one of these until now.

But what I'm gathering, you may ask? Well, I'm compiling a list of the fun rolls we currently have on server. What will I be doing with this list? I will be making a guide of them once I get around to it, which will likely be after I finish up the guide I am currently working on. That way there will be a full list of them available to the playerbase to use or to refer to if anyone becomes curious about certain rolls you may see on server. And honestly, it will help answer more questions in regards to them as well. But please note: Spamming them can be punishable. So please be careful and if you can, please help me out with my list I've been working on. c:

Here's my current list. Feel free to reply to this poll with more I may have missed:

  • Nini
  • Bleyjo
  • Tuna
  • MissPlums
  • Rexyn
  • Harry
  • Finis
  • Kate
  • Server
  • Pedi
  • Kyle
  • ZeEsTaR

Anyway, that's all I needed to put this up for. Thank you and have a wonderful day.~

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