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Gefoxx's Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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Hey Aethier, it's me!

I've been banned a couple of days or weeks ago (What is time anyway?) on the terms of harassing a fellow player of this community. I've decided, with the ban, to give myself some rest and wish to now make a return. I'm deeply sorry for my behaviour towards this player and wish to give Aethier the same apology I've given to the player in question. We've made up even before the ban occurred and have since been on friendly terms. I can safely promise that such actions shall not be taken a second time. Like anyone, I had enjoyable moments on Aethier and I'd like to roleplay once more.

Hope to see you soon.

Hi, i'm obviously not Gefoxx but he can't post anything right now or log out to make a new account so yeah, i'm just posting it for him. He wouldn't let me make it pink so the whole appeal unfortunately lacks my creative input, but i'll tell him whatever the outcome is and post his replies:)
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After some discussion, Mod team is willing to accept this appeal on the condition that this kind of behavior never happens again. Regardless of situation or medium, it is expected for our players to treat others with respect and decency. Apologies preemptively about your forum account being screwy, I’m going to work on that today.

Anyway, approved on the following condition; If you accept this condition have purpleyy reply below and I’ll see to unbanning you this afternoon:
  • Last warning concerning instances of harassment and toxicity.

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