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GermanTacos' Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


I will forgo a 'dear staff' or addressee line to avoid sounding cliché or insincere.

Not so recently ago (bordering on three years now), I was banned from the server following an incident I was involved in. While I can admit that I do not entirely remember the fine details of said incident, I believe that enough time has passed for a proper appeal to be constructed.

From my understanding, the layman's synopsis of the event is that another user and I had a disagreement about what did or did not belong on the forums, which happened to be a personal issue for the other party involved. This action, along with a couple of minor incidents prior, culminated in an instant, permanent ban being leveled against myself, which, while disagreed with by some members of staff, stayed in place.

At first, I reacted coldly to the punishment that I felt was unjust, going so far as to start a personal dialogue with a staff member that was rather poorly constructed.

After sufficient time to truly reflect on what happened, I can say a few things:

While I still believe that the punishment I received was probably too harsh, I can say that my reaction to punishment did little more than make matters worse, as well as aggravate involved parties further. I also understand the fact that some people may have viewed my comments regarding a hot-button issue as inflammatory. Additionally, the divisive and generally argumentative nature of the following few hours only served to make matters worse.

In my opinion, the fine details of what happened mattered less than the reactionary events that followed. I will not attempt to refute the punishment I was given- disagree with it as I might- however. It was clearly an agreed upon staff decision that was fair enough to stand to their standards. As such, I have no choice but to agree with it as well.

I understand that my actions were not sufficient for a member of a community intended to be friendly and open- and I hope to make it clear that I will refrain from making decisions or statements that are inflammatory to other users in the future, should my ban be lifted. Additionally, I want to state that, should my appeal be determined insufficient or unsatisfactory, I will as well accept the ban standing.

From the outset, I joined Aethier for a sense of community. I truly believe that this incident can be forgotten or otherwise overlooked in pursuit of this common goal.

I give my regards and apologies to whomever ends up processing this appeal, as well as the original involved parties.


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Hello, GermanTacos!

You've been placed on DNR, therefore this application is denied. Have a lovely evening.

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