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Ghouls go marching one by one,, (1 Viewer)


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Crunch.. Crunch.. Crunch.. It sounded in an audible praise of Undead feet, pressing against the Reikland grass as they made their slow approach into Mankind’s territories. A small group, nothing more than a fraction of a percent from its main armies that traversed the landscape under the cover of darkness. There was little denotation when it came to their prowess in the night, how their gray sunken bodies with strands of flesh still agape as they moved. Naturally, they took gathering in the Reikland forests north of the destroyed city of Wulfsmarche, in an unknown location that was well overdue for a user. The Apparitions targeted unsuspecting travelers, occasionally leaving the forests to possess the poor souls and bring primarily Reikland citizens whom were easy prey; such citizens most likely expected to encounter a Dragon rather than a sunken figure in the shadows indeed. Using apparation possession, they found victims if possible. It must be reminded that they used the utmost subtlty, capturing the lowest of the low in order to avoid suspicion..
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