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A series of fliers appear overnight in almost every major territory that allow soliciting.

"Grinning Jackal offers master-work clothing and armor out of any available material. Pricing to be based upon rarity of material used and amount of material used. Please contact Safiyya Noor of the Mandarazi Confederacy for more information.

( My discord is Persephone#4607. Feel free to message. Saf is a master leatherworker and rare armorsmith. )​
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A missive from the midregion of the Swamp would reach the Jackal in a sealed parchment, delivered namelessly but a common courier. Inside was a letter.

"Dear Safiya,

I am interested in some fine desert attire. Please come to my stead in Balmira.

With the uptmost godspeed,


sarcasm and skin problems
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Another update. It's short and sweet, though the text seems to bear a faint aura of contentedness.

"Grinning jackal is delighted to offer master tailory services."

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