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Despite all that was happening in the world, Vultog found his mind wandering ever so often from planning and training back to the words Klaus had said; that Reina and Umaroth had courted and laid together. When? When did this happen? A month after the duel? Days? Before? Vultog thought he would be able to move on from Umaroth eventually, but hearing that she had found another so quickly and had likely already stopped loving him before the duel, it hurt. Sometimes his thoughts went even further; perhaps the duel was actually a duel for Umaroth's heart to prove who loved her more, or perhaps Reina had already won it before hand? Whatever the truth was, Vultog knew it would be best not to know... but he still wanted to despite this. The torment of this news in some ways only furthered his resolve to move on from Umaroth, but first he had to overcome the pain he felt, not to mention the humiliation some felt obligated to give Vultog for losing Umaroth to a woman much smaller than he.

At the rare times he was able to think about his love life without thinking of Umaroth, he wondered if he would ever find another. Without realizing, his thoughts would turn to Spinner, his crazy compassionate best friend. Somehow she always knew what to say, and stuck by him when no one else would. Not to mention she was funny, had a great laugh, cute, exciting, per-

The orc blinked, and immediately a feeling of terror and regret washed over him. He was falling in love with Spinner. Spinner, who was not-married to one of his best friends. Spinner, who likely had no interest in orcs. Spinner, who a resident of a tribe where many disliked him. Vultog was disgusted with himself. How could he fall for a not-married woman? He was betraying Ramsey, and if he told anyone he would be labeled as dishonorable and unfaithful. Gods what was wrong with him. It could never work, as much as Vultog would wish. He shouldn't wish! He knew that but he could not help himself. Why her, out of all the people he could have fallen for, why her?

First a love killed, then a love broken apart. Now, a love that was unreachable... love was a cruel mistress, and she had no intention of allowing to Vultog to rest.

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