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First light found Krianna inside High Meadow's archives. In the space, the dark elven maiden arranged varied works of literature. These separate accounts and tale folks held one consistent characteristic. Every last tome, scroll, and scrap of paper concerns the origins of the Pale Mare. The scholar employs great patience. She observes the line of stories available to her. The humble Armorer takes her time to document the reoccurring themes. The dissonance between sources receives noting and careful analysis. The purpose of her enterprise solidifies towards a pair of ends. She wished to know where the Fey perished. And did any part of her yet remain to bind the darkness away? With the coming of the sun, the Master Alchemist turns her attention to other matters. Vitae's request weighs inside of her thoughts. She unpacks a pair of pre-drafted letters and tucks them inside envelops. The dark elf uses a wax and silk cordage to seal the messages. These documents enter the hands of a waiting Page. Krianna offers the lad a nod and sends him off to address the duty.

Dear Mister Patzer,

Vitae asked me to prepare for the upcoming conflict. I foresee the need for a vast supply of Alchemicals to prepare for what comes next. As I write, I am studying certain legends and readying myself to leave High Meadow. I am going to my part of this project first and set to work addressing some of the supplies needed. I foresee the need for two hundred units of Flesh Oak Sap. In the South, we do not possess the conditions to produce and harvest said specimen's resin. I ask for your assistance. Will you please keep meet Huskarl Reina and inquire to her what arrangements can exist? I am sending her a letter to indict what I am searching and why. I seek your aid to produce the sheer bulk of these goods inside of the future. I am off to gather Bungmoss and Withers to compliment the Flesk Oak.

May your path be free of obstacles,
Krianna Boise Alum

Dear Miss Reina,

I hope you can forgive my intrusion, dear. Vitae asked me to prepare for the coming storm. I am presently departing High Meadow to commit to part of the necessary gathering work. I seek two hundred units of Flesh Oak sap for the efforts to provision the armies of the land. I would consider it a great personal favor if you find some way to arrange for the acquisition of the supplies. I have asked my apprentice, Finn Patzer, to assist you. Can you please try to persuade your Jarl to permit the gathering of these resources? Or you can find a way to make a different arrange? I am off to contribute my part of this endeavor. Be well, darling.

Krianna Boise Alum

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And Reina simply pinched the bridge of her nose as she read through the letter. It was yet another reminder of the battle she was dreading having to go to. So with a deep breath, she moved to compose herself before setting off to go visit Hilda with the letter. Upon visiting the longhouse in Frjalstad, she moved to seek her out and hand the letter over to her should she be able to speak with her. "My Jarl, you remember that lad who was telling you about the door before? He is wanting permission to gather Flesh Oak sap from the Jarldom's lands. If my hunch is correct, it's probably for the battle at the pillar that's coming up to create alchemical coagulants to help the masses of soldiers in case it goes bad. I'd be happy to help him should you permit him this request, as the Snosabel Tigers and wolves tend to gather around these trees, to ensure he has protection." She spoke softly as she clasped her hands together once the letter was handed off to Hilda, should she take it from her.



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Hilda removes her gloves to take the letter wordlessly into her right hand, browsing over it while her left arm was kept in captivity by her two young daughters that tried to pull her outside - unfortunately to no avail. Once finished, her icey gaze shifts back to the huskarl, to whom she returns the letter. Her response is simple: "I trust your judgement. They have my permission."


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The syrien nodded as she turned to leave immediately after. "The lad's a medic, as I saw him treat a lightning burn victim in Folset after Exarch Lyren knocked the poor fellow out in a magic duel. But I'll be sure to ask him beforehand to make sure the resources he requests are going toward what I believe they are going to. Krianna talks about the sap and what it's used for commonly." And the huskarl took her leave from the longhouse afterward, given that she was dismissed to do so. And she made her way over toward the Spirit Tree, a place she figured she'd find him at given that Krianna was often there as well. She didn't talk to Finn often, but she was familiar with him by now rather loosely. But she trusted Krianna and that she'd only ever ask for something of her if it was going toward a good cause, and survival at the pillar battle seemed like a pretty damn good cause to her. The world had to work together for it all to work for them in the end.

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