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Human Resources Guidelines

The Human Resources Department is responsible for:

  • Ensuring Team Members abide by their department’s published policies.
  • Making adjustments to policies via Team Leader votes.
  • Handling of IA Reports (Team Reports/Internal Affairs Reports) when required.
    • Are required to verify the integrity of a report before processing it, or passing it to the relevant Team Leader.
    • Are required to ensure a response to all IA reports is documented in the relevant forum section.
    • Are required to ensure all IA reports are properly evidenced and given a proper resolution according to guidelines.
  • Handling of Escalated PA Reports (Player Reports/Player Affairs)
    • The request has exceeded the maximum time limit appointed for the moderation team to handle it.
    • When the moderation team feels they cannot effectively handle a situation for any given reason.
  • Handling situations where decisions are made in opposition to previously written guidelines.
    • This means a situation where what is reported may be re-assessed in accordance to guidelines. This may result in an investigation of the involved players and team members. Justification of actions will be combined with evidence of the situation and an additional sweep of various logging platforms in an attempt to backup the team member wherever possible.
  • In the event of misuse of permissions, HR is responsible for reversing any actions along with notifying relevant team leaders.
  • All HR actions and procedures must be backed by official documentation that is to be filed BEFORE the action is made.
    • All HR actions concerning one or more team leaders must be approved and signed off by the other members of HR before the action is carried out. At that point, the action report is to be posted and made visible to all Team Leaders.
    • In the event of an emergency, actions may be performed before the report is filed. However, this is to be done if and only if it is absolutely necessary and is in agreement with all members of HR. Example: Construction Team member actively griefing the map with worldedit.
    • Regardless of emergency status, ALL actions and procedures MUST be documented, whether it be before or after the situation has been settled.
IA Reports:
  • All Internal Affairs reports will be handled by HR members.
  • All evidence posted on an IA report must be verified and cross-referenced to server logs where possible, and matched up with a relevant rule or policy.
    • If it is impossible to verify evidence in any way, it must be discarded.
  • Any IA reports with no substantial evidence must be closed with no penalty. Team Leaders must still be notified.
  • Once verified, a report regarding a Team Member must be handed to the relevant Team Leader for processing. This Team Leader then has 72 hours to handle this report and respond to HR with their documented proceedings. If the resolution is acceptable according to HR, the report must be filed and closed.
    • HR will bump the report once every 24 hours. After the third attempt with no response, HR may handle the request themselves.
    • A Team Leader may extend the incident report deadline if sufficient reason is given. Examples include, but are not limited to, sickness, scheduled holiday, or busy work periods.
  • Once closed, acceptably handled IA reports will be posted to the IA archive and the Team Leader chat will be notified.
HR Systems will be divided into two sections:
  • HR Active
    • For ongoing issues. Only relevant people will be invited to view this section.
  • HR Archive
    • For all previously handled issues, reports, and transgressions handled by HR. This section is visible on a view only basis to anyone with Team Leader Permissions.
Additional Information:
  • If a Team Leader at any time feels a decision made by HR on a report is unfair, they may dispute the process. In order for a dispute to be successful, sufficient evidence must be provided by said Team Leader to prove innocence of the person in question, or debunk the validity of the original evidence used to file the report.
    • The Team Leader must also provide a statement of no confidence. At this point, the other HR members will be asked to re-assess the situation without the involvement of the original HR member whose judgement is in question.
    • A unanimous decision from the remaining members will be accepted, however if this cannot be reached, this decision will then be moved down and handled by a ring vote of all attending Team Leaders in the next meeting.
      • The issue will be presented in full at said meeting, before any voting will commence. Any majority vote with Team Leaders will be accepted.
      • Members of HR may not change their votes at this stage, and will be counted as they originally voted in the HR vote.
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