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When Safiyya announced her intentions to hunt a flying reptile, Garai had misgivings. His bastard daughter was a young and limber warrior. She was ambitious. He knew that much. But in the absence of firsthand experience, ambition was a liability. Without his help, she'd be leading the Wardens to their deaths. Begrudgingly, he lent his support.

Garai retrieved the armor sets issued to Safiyya, Klaus, and himself for some temporary modifications. Additionally, he constructed a new set of garments for Ra, the Aervan. Garai's daughter claimed that contact with Dragon Blood would cause a magical sickness that ravaged the body. Was it contact with the blood, or proximity to the Dragon itself? He couldn't be sure, but it was better to mitigate the risks. In the brightly-lit chambers of the textile mill, he set out the various garments worn beneath Mandarazi Armor.

In a journal, sitting next to an open copy of the Mutajaran Armorer's Manual, he logged the following modifications:

-Throat Clasps
An improved clasp allows the cloth coif to be tightened at the throat.

A traditional headscarf, tied around the coif or helmet, shields the mouth and face.

-Lengthened Sleeves
The upper sleeves are left loose and baggy to keep the wearer cool.
-Improved Cuffs
Laces in the hem allow the cuff to be tightened and loosened.

Another lace can be fed through a special glove and tightened. This prevents the sleeve from rolling up or the glove from slipping.

-Lengthened Pant Legs
The baggy, Mutajara cuisses and hose are rugged enough for riding. They extend to the ankles.
-Improved Cuffs
Laces in the hem allow the cuff to be tightened and loosened.

Another lace can be fed through the boot and tightened. This prevents the pant legs from rolling up, keeping them tucked into the boot.

-Lacing Rings
New holes in the gloves and boots accommodate laces from the sleeves and hose. As long as they are tied, the clothing stays tucked in.

Garai installed these improvements himself, working long hours at the mill. He packed the various tools needed to skin the dragon, ranging from scraping blades and hunting knives to a leather apron and gloves, in a backpack. These were but a few implements that he relied on. The other necessities- like soap, nails, scraps of wood, and a bag of natron- were stowed on his mount, waiting for the day when they set out.

A curt letter arrives to Jazir, asking for his assistance.

"Jazir, you have already saved my life once. I am afraid I must ask for your help again. We need four pairs of goggles. The Wardens want to hunt dragons..."


A curt letter arrives to Ra', containing some interesting information.

"I have sighted dragons to the South and South-East of Mutajara, out in the dunes. After Jazir and I injured two of them, they flew off towards the eastern mountains. If you're going to scout, I would start my search there. Blessings of Kurus upon you."


A curt letter arrives to Safiyya, affirming Garai's commitment to the hunt.

"I have made some preparations for your quest. Reach out to me as soon as possible. There are things I'd like to discuss, my daughter."



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