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Uhm well hi all.

I was banned I think about 8 months ago. The ban was for posting a relatively bad taste meme on Youtube that mocked Nini for some various issues that were going on.

It was intended purely as a joke, a kind of meme to mark my goodbye as I was officially leaving the server (for reasons completely unrelated to Nini). But obviously the moderation team and Nini didn't see it that way.

I am writing this to apologize to Nini and the mods who were in the Mod team back then. It was in bad taste, and the things mentioned were of course not in Nini’s control, and not his fault.

Of being unbanned, as obviously this is an appeal, Im not as much concerned. I have no intentions of returning to the server for personal irl reasons, but I have recently become more interested in events going on the server, especially with the Reiklands. Most of which I cant see because the ban blocks me on the forums as well.
But either way, I am sorry for any hurt feelings or confusion I may have caused by the video. Probably not the best $40 I’ve ever spent... but it was funny at the time I was writing it. I honestly didn’t think anyone would see it as anything other than just a joke. And I am sorry for not thinking it through more thoroughly before making it.

If anything, I at least hope this helps make my final departure less toxic than what it was when I posted that meme. The dramatic story of George Fisher was supposed to be my legacy, not the meme.


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Hello Phoenixstar117,

After reading and discussing your appeal, moderation team has decided to unban you. You may log back into the server whenever you wish.

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