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Important CiT Informational Update Pertaining to Exodus Preparations (2 Viewers)

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Important CiT Announcement
This upcoming exodus there was mention for the possibility of repaying players an arune sum based on their materials. However, during my time getting help on producing a system for it and working on players’ nine items in the background, I came to the realization that paying back potentially large sums of arunes to the playerbase for materials (that are generally free anyways) is not only a horrible idea, but has the potential for abuse by the player base, and at the same time, is difficult to moderate.

Another thing is, CIT has been getting reports of confusion on the beforehand announced 9 item info logging for the Exodus. Here, I am linking it again at the bottom of this post. Please read it and reread it, as I’ve worded it to be as easy to understand as possible. Do not ask anyone else your questions on this. They go to me. Nobody else. The last thing I want is confusion, and asking the wrong person only gives the risk of getting the wrong answer.

You can log in one character with their nine items as the current time. Your other characters can go through,
but will not be involved in the Exodus Arc until after, unless you want to roleplay them without their items.

(This being temporary as dwarven vaults will be accessible later after they are pasted in, and with the help of CIT for updating and checking the viability of having certain items ICly.)
((This is because single individuals bringing an army’s worth of weapons and etc. into the new world makes zero sense, is physically impossible, and all around just really weird.)

The rest of your items should be placed in your Dwarven Storage Vault and will be allowed to be used after a time after the Exodus once they
are checked by a CiT member for their viability of being in the new world, and have their tags updated. THEY ARE NOT 100% LOST.

The character you choose is according to whom you want to roleplay as during the Exodus events.
The items are simply what are on the person during the Exodus events.

For any further information, PLEASE read and reread the linked post below, it should have everything
you need to know regarding the


Also very important! The deadline for applications is December 20th, as well as the passing out of materials via event or
through material application. Please make sure you have all your things sorted out before then. And have a wonderful day.
If you have questions or concerns, you are free to message Crach through Discord or Forum PM if you have any questions.
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