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'In Search of a Skilled Smith' (1 Viewer)


The Last Pear Bender
*several posters would be nailed around Sonaris and Ulntroth, of which you have picked up, reading*

I am in search of a certain smith who is skilled enough to meet my requirements. I require a weapon. Seek out Finis of Eridiahl, will most likely be in Ulntroth.

(note: if you are reading this your character has read it hence why i posted this in 'In Character')


Banned User

*Gromm would view the poster...after asking for a piggy-back from a passing Ogre*


{<'Dere never is any bladdy smiths 'round, is 'dere?>}

*Getting down from the Ogre, Gromm hics and sighs*

..Bladdy 'ell. Why 'ta 'ell not.

(After I'm free of Tia's RP, I'll come find you as Gromm~)

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