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Kani hummed slightly, making her way out the Spirit Hospital, but this time not to gather herbs. In lieu of recent events, Kani realized that her prayers were mostly restricted to her alchemy lab and occasionally the leyline. Thus, Kani decided to make a small list of prayers she'd like to offer Arvora, both in thanks and in hope for the future.
And as she made her way out to the woods, Kani didn't know where she was going, but just let her mind wander and lead her body to where she felt most at home. She walked past a familiar bush and pond, smiling as the drow continued forward. Kani at some point felt lost, but she continued walking until she found a spot to pray.

A steady stream of water ran between two small mounds of earth and rock, atop which two trees rose. A root bridged across, and as Kani carefully climbed to the top, she could glance down and see the rushing water.

Kani closed her eyes, letting the sounds of the river and animals around her, the wind rustling the leaves above her, the smell of wet earth and river overwhelming her as the woman lost herself in prayer.

I thank you, Arvora. I have been blessed in meeting Nasuma and blessed in our relationship growing into the growth of the Spirit Hospital's clinics and hopefully the betterment of the health of the people in Mutajara.
I thank you for Thaddeus, and his kind gifts. I thank you for Perise, who has blessed me with a deal that benefited both of us.
I thank you for the Guardians of Illwenal, who keep the sacred plant out of malicious hands.
I thank you for the kind fey who guided me and Ishani when we were on the wrong path.
And for the new friend I have made, Eimhin.
I ask you for hope, Arvora, bless me with the strength to help the Guardians of Illwenal. Bless me in
teaching Nasuma and Eimhin well.
I hope and pray for the people of Mutajara, that they react well to our help and that they benefit from us.
I pray that the hospital's garden grows and flourishes and makes you proud.
I hope I make you proud.

She opened her eyes, the morning dew was gone, and the East was dark, orange decorating the West.
{ Goodness... } Kani thought, climbing down and heading North.
Heading home.


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