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ItsNotTurks Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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Ban Appeal:

Forum Name: ItsTurk
MC Name: ItsNotTurk
People involved: @DaJungleMonkey
Banned by: @Kyle1322
Situation: (I know it said to appeal in one week, but I do believe this ban was possibly handed out under what may have been a miscommunication.)

I was banned for harassment (coc #5), the situation was created due to my character Kron, being killed off by DrunkenBarney, I headed into TS to talk about the exact reason for the attack, which was swiftly taken care of.
I proceeded to stay in the channel for a few more minutes, during these few minutes I spoke to DrunkenBarney about his OOC and IC detox thing he and his character are doing.
What he ment with detox, was that he was out of cannabis and had to rely on other methodes of clearing out the mind, I made a comment stating "Fucking addict" during our conversation, which Drunken only laughed about whilst reading it out loud, so I was sure that he did not get offended.
I was pretty sure that he wouldn't get offended by my statement even though he was on detox, since I had known him for quite a while, and both of us are rather active THC consumers.

I logged off of TS and went on with minding my own business, before I was banned from the server by Kyle about an hour later. Upon looking up the rule, I was certain that DrunkenBarney would have been offended by my earlier statement, so I headed back to TS, in which I joined the channel DrunkenBarney was inside of, I asked him if everything was alright, but without responds, so I thought he was AFK. Before DrunkenBarney could return to his PC, I was banned off of TS by Kyle.

Now that I had no other way to contact DrunkenBarney, I logged on to the forums and sent him a message, shortly after getting a reply, confirming that it wasn't even DrunkenBarney who reported me, but somebody else!
So I spoke to DrunkenBarney a little longer, before starting to message Kyle on skype, not really getting any information on the situation no matter what I asked or stated.
I sent Kyle a screenshot confirming that DrunkenBarney was neither offended nor the one who reported me, getting the responds "The ban reason has not changed. It was reported, and it was indeed harassment. It's staying, apologies."

I went on to argue against the situation, but without luck.
Now, after messaging Nini, I was allowed to appeal on the terms of; "Since Char is involved in this situation, he is allowed to give his own testimoney in an appeal. If he vouches for you, the ban is anulled, or should be."

I hope this cleared some of the confusion.
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So, I'm involved in this, and it's an odd situation, I'll explain as well as I can.

So, I killed Turk's character this morning, it wasn't much of an rpc due to the situation, and he was reasonably pissed off. Eh, do I tend to enjoy being called a fucking addict, joking or not? Not /really/, but I'm not one to take offense to that. Especially after the tough-skin I've grown after all this time. Tbh, I don't think he should be banned for a knee-jerk rage reaction, but that's just one of the reasons Turk was banned, so it's really up to staff, I just don't think he should've been put on a week ban, for what he says, calling me an addict.

I'm not a pussy, and it's not like I reported it. If it was to someone else and they reported it, yeah that's their choice. I didn't ask anyone to report him, I didn't take offense, I laughed and shook it off. 


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This appeal is ready to be accepted, however you must agree to the following conditions:

  • You will be on "Last Warning" status for the next 30 days (until Janurary 9th, 2017), during which time any further infractions from you will result in an immediate ban from the server.
Reply here saying that you've accepted the terms of the unban and we will proceed with your unbanning.

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