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Actual NPC
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[Theme Song Link]
"People are not rain, snow, or autumn

People do not look pretty when they fall

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| Key ~ Information |

  • Name ~
    • Khyana Lily de Ortiz
  • Meaning of Names ~
    • Khyana | Light, Deity
    • Lily | Pure, Passion
    • de Ortiz | -Adoptive name; Brave, Strong or Fortunate
    • D'Caligo | Familial name; Darkness
    • Ordell | Beginning // Lost
    • Brodielondé | Familial name//Lost
  • Nicknames | Meanings ~
    • Khy | A shortened version of her name.
    • Kira Evans | The name she went by when she initially went into hiding.
    • Faye | The name of her identical twin sister.
  • Titles ~
    • Lady Khyana de Ortiz
    • Nobility of Folset
    • Nobility of Verseiva
  • Horoscope ~ - Noctuna -
    37438"The Inventor"
  • Residence ~
    • Tyr'Thocia Keep
    • Tyr'Velon Brodielonde Manor
    • Coizela Keep
    • Faye's HighMeadow House!
    • The White Palace
  • Birthday ~ Glacies Ombra, Tuesept.
Marital Status: Courting.

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━━━━─── ───━━━━━━━

'Every women is supposed to have the same set of motives,
or else to be a monster

- George Eliot, Daniel Deronda.

┗━━━━─── ───━━━━━━━━┛

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| Appearance |

  • Gender ~
    • Female.
  • Race ~
    • High Elf.
  • Nationality ~
    • Kingdom of Folset.
    • Kingdom of Verseiva
  • Age ~
    • Twenty-three tsels.
    • Appears no older than her late teens due to her recently cured Vallahism.
  • Voice ~
    • [x]
  • Height, Weight & Build ~
    • 5’8” ft. | 170.6 cm | 1.707 m | 67.2 in.
    • 135 lbs | 9.6 Stone | 61 kg
    • Her build is one of great height, she has always been slim even as a child, losing her chubby babyfat faster than most.
      • She is currently gaining muscle as she travels, flitting between different hobbies in her free time.
  • Hair, Eyes & Skin ~
    • The young elf has very thick hair which is naturally loosely curled. Often she pulls at it when she gets nervous and so tends to tie it back to prevent this. It is a very light blonde like the rest of her family and goes down to her lower back.
      • One of Khyana's loose curls transitions into shiny copper strands (literally) she braids this gently.
    • Her eyes are a light teal inherited from her birth Father.
    • Khy bears a light tan from time spent outside, it brings a healthy golden glow to her skin.
  • Scars, Tattoos & Marks ~
    • Khyana has an inky black tattoo of a Scarab Beetle on the back of her left hand.
    • Across her back are red welts of lash marks, they cross from her waist up to her shoulders and are raised to the touch.
    • Along her left arm is a jagged scar caused by Vallah claws, she always keeps this covered.
    • Her stomach bears an elegantly curved cut from hipbone to hipbone.
  • Defining Traits ~
    • Spark ~
      • Khyana's spark was lit by none other than Avel Maddoc, a master mage at a leyline sight near Tyr'Veist.
    • Cursed ~
      • Curse: Khyana has been cursed by an unknown entity which siphons energy from her soul, this entity is also responsible for the elf forgetting her identity, leaving her memoryless and feeling like a passing host in her own body.
  • Clothes, Accessories & Hygiene ~
    • Out of her and her twin she used to be the sister to wear more extravagant clothes and jewelry, often favouring dresses of darker colours to release her teenage angst in an expressive and eye-catching way, however, due to her life experiences wearing clothing such as long skirts and dresses now feels too restricting. She prefers to wear coats and trousers in order to be able to move freely and get away should she need to.
      • She currently favours a dark cloak, embellished by a single silver shoulder strap layered over her faded blue loose-fitting garments; made from a thick yet soft material and a pair of worn leather boots that have long since lost their shine.
    • Khyana bathes regularly and often in the sea. The ocean calms her mind and allows her to enter an almost meditative state. Because of this, the elf often carries a naturally faintly salty smell though she hides it with flowered fragrance.

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Khyana follows the goddess Bahari. She's worshipped Bahari since she was very little; it being her blood families religion of choice she was raised to
respect the Mother of the ocean and still to this day devoutly performs Bahari's greater claims biyearly.

The water brings great calm to her, when not busy Khyana is most commonly found by the docks.


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| Personal ~ Information |​

  • Personal Alignment ~
    • Neutral Evil, probably.
  • Political Alignment ~
    • Khyana is not loyal to any King or Queen but rather to the de Ortiz and Brodielonde houses respectively.
    • More recently, the Phoenix King & Queen of the Dawn-Lyren could be said to hold her respect.
  • Close Family:
    • | Father/Varamyr [Deceased] | Mother/Ignis [Deceased] | Brother/Aerys [Alive]| Brother/Reprecht [Deceased] | | Brother/Raethal [Alive] | Brother/Braern [Alive] | Brother/ Aeson [Alive] | Twin Sister/Faye [Alive] |

    • | Father/Eredin [Alive] | Mother/Ravenna [Alive] | Brother/Nicholas [Dead on the inside] | | Sister/Adelinetta [Alive] | Brother/ Samuel [Alive] | Sister/Freya [Alive] | Brother/ Andrew [Alive] |
  • Personality ~
    • OBSERVANT// Khy, although doesn't often react to everything around her, is keen to observe (from a safe distance) other people's drama unfold. She picks up changes in mood, outfits, tone exceedingly well for an elf her age. A skill she places a lot of importance on due to certain life events she's been through in the past. She takes note of everything, doesn't tend to miss details and possesses a natural talent of working out when people are lying to her, although, unless she feels it would benefit her, doesn't usually do much with this information.
    • VAIN// Khyana is an extremely vain individual, she takes care of how she looks and can often be seen preening her appearance in a variety of reflective surfaces.
    • PARANOID// Due to her life experiences and deep-rooted trust issues, the elf is extremely suspicious of everyone. If she can't work out certain individuals motives she will not warm up to them and may act out.
    • HEADSTRONG// Khy is a very determined girl, this paired with her unwavering negative outlook can result in some huge fights with those around her, this is one of the few traits that have been carried with her from childhood.
    • INCONSOLABLE// In her distress coaxing her back to whatever state she'd been in before is no easy feat. She can't bring herself to trust others enough to let them know her pain, or to apply their advice to her situation, or for others to understand as much as she needs them to. When she becomes upset, her emotions will often boil within her as she feels unable to express them, and when others approach her, she may appear cruel or blunt.
    • DISTRUSTFUL // Partially due to the fact her brother tried to kill her (twice) she can't see the sense in why anyone would trust another; Khy sees it as a foolish choice, to 'have faith' in someone, and is always second-guessing and doubting even her own family. This can often divide her from others, and though this distrust can, at times, 'save her', further leaves her isolated.
    • INDEPENDANT//As one might presume, borne from the preference of isolation, Khy copes far better without others than with them. She has learned to heave her own burdens, and to arrange solutions to her own problems. She grows irritated easily at people trying to step in as the 'guardian' for her, being smothered is more likely to push her away than it is to cement a solid relationship.
    • ADVENTUROUS// Historically Khyana has always been a thrill seeker, she's always willing to take risks and gets bored very easily. This was most noticeable when she was younger and used to sneak onto her Father's ships to join them on explorations. In more recent times a stopper has been put on this somewhat, due to her newly realised claustrophobia and night terrors often leading her to panic attacks rather than adrenaline rushes.
    • SELFISH// Khy’s priority is herself. Of course, should someone she cares dearly about be in danger, she will come to the rescue- However, she values her survival above the survival of others, and would rather see herself alive. There is seldom she will do, if it doesn't benefit her.
    • COOL// Khyana is Kool with a capital K, arguably one of the coolest gals on the block. If baseball hats were a thing in this world, she would wear one, backwards.
  • Goals ~
    • To master magic; [in-progress]
      • Khyana hates being as weak as she is, she is regularly visited by night terrors causing her insomnia. She refuses to let herself be powerless again and so is making proactive steps to better protect herself. Magic being a key one of these.
    • To improve her Alchemy; [in-progress]
      • She learns alchemy from her friend Finn, this was a way for her to start living again after a long period of stagnation and traumatic experiences.
    • To Travel the world with Alda [Fleeting Desire]
    • To break Kelsier Felrend's lute [Burning Desire]
    • To see snow for the first time [Accomplished!]
  • Languages~
    • Elven - Fluent
    • Common - Fluent
    • Valois - Passable
    • Heilig - Laughable
  • Fears ~
    • Her brothers; Khyana for the most part can handle her brothers, however when they raise their
      voices or start to show signs of anger, the Elf will retreat entirely from the situation.
  • Preferences ~
    • Likes ~
      • Hairless Desert Cats
      • Windmills
      • Stargazer Lilies
      • Bread.
    • Dislikes ~
      • You
  • Signature ~

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| Companions |

Name: Dahlia Brodielondé
Species: Ochre eyes, Hairless Desert Cat
Age: 14 Tsels//Deceased.
Appearance: Dahlia was a soft peachy colour with a long slender tail, towards the end of her life her skin was wrinkled around her paws and neck. [x]
General: Dahlia is arguably the most important person in Khy’s life. The cat hates everyone and everything, this includes but is not restricted to; Khy’s arms and legs, Khy’s family, Khy’s dresses and bedsheets and most notably all the furniture in the castle. Khyana loves the demon cat™ unconditionally all the same.
Scars | Tattoos | Marks: N/A.
Hygiene: Dahlia, unlike many cats, liked to bathe. As a result, she is very hygenic for an animal of her class.

Name: Finn Patzer Dawn-Lyren
Species: Blue eyes, Half Mer
Age: 22 Tsels.
Appearance: Finn stands at 5'11" with wavy brown hair- usually covered by his hat- throughout Khyana's time with the Half Mer he has maintained a youthful tan. [x]
General: Finn is an adventurous Half Mer, Khyana observes that he prefers to be if not in water, at least near it. He is of above-average intelligence and versed in skills that range from magical to somewhat questionable.
Scars | Tattoos | Marks: N/A.
Hygiene: Absolutely abysmal, horrid smelly Half Mer.

Name: Carmina Brodielondé
Species: Green eyes, Hairless Desert Cat
Age: 1 Tsel
Appearance: Carmina differs between two colours, a soft peach and a darker grey. She has larger ears than one would expect from a cat her size and a long tail. [x]
General: Carmina is still young but generally seems to be more mellow than Khyana's last cat, restricting her clawing to bedposts and skirting boards. She likes to be paid attention to, even now as she is young.
Scars | Tattoos | Marks: N/A.
Hygiene: Carmina is well kept.

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| Relationships |

// Loved 100-90% | Adored 89-80% | Friends 79-70% | Liked 69-60% | Neutral 59-40% | Disliked 39-30% | Hated 29-20% | Despised 19-0% //



Name: Braern Brodielondé @0_Finny_0
Profile: [x]
Percentage: 90%
Relation: Brother
Quote: 'You did not mean to be cruel. That does not mean you were kind.'

In-Depth: Whilst Khyana used to pick fights with her brother on a fairly consistent basis and if asked would
announce with no amount of hesitation that she found him obnoxious, infuriating and socially inept-
now that she’s older the two have mellowed out considerably. She remains loyal to him, Braern being such
an integral part of her personality now, she wouldn't know how to continue any longer should she betray him.

Name: Aeson Brodielonde @Tree
Percentage: 90%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Another Brother!
Quote: 'If you cannot be positive then at least be quiet.'

In-Depth: Khyana loves Aeson, as she does with all her brothers. Though, she has decided that every Brodie male
goes through a period of destruction, drinking and murderous tendencies and therefore has reached the
conclusion that Aeson is in the middle of his. She would never speak against him but he does worry her
sometimes, especially his deteriorating relations with her twin sister, an almost parallel to the events that
transpired between herself and Reprecht years prior.

Name: Faye Brodielondé @Tirelessly
Profile: [x]
Relation: Sister, Best Brodie
Quote: 'I'm here. You can talk to me or not talk to me, but i'm here.'
In-Depth: Faye is not without fault, Khyana is not blind to it, yet she simply doesn't care. Khy has forgiven
Faye for anything she could possibly ever do years before she could do it, the elf adores her twin sister to the ends of
Aversia - she would betray anyone for Faye and if any harm were to come to the elf Khyana would be ruthless and without
remorse in her revenge. Faye is and will always be the person Khyana loves most in the world, no matter the cost.

Song: [x]

Name: Thalion Dawn-Lyren
Percentage: 85%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Courting
Quote: 'Why else are we here, if not to live with an unreasonable passion for things- for people?
: Khyana knew Thalion was going to be something special to her from their very first meeting, whilst she was not

wrong in this respect she could never have guessed how their relationship would come to shape and grow, their first tentative
greetings betraying nothing of the emotions to come. Admittedly the elf doesn’t know much about love but if she were a betting man,
she would imagine it would feel something like this.

Name: Ravenna de Ortiz D'Caligo @Abbi
Percentage: 79%
Profile: [
Relation: Not!Mother
Quote: 'You should let me take care of you now'

In-Depth: Ravenna is almost completely responsible for Khyana's continued survival thus far, the woman saved
Khyana when she was exiled by her family and left to transition to a Vallah on the streets- since then Khyana has
followed her everywhere, learning everything she knows from the woman. All of Khyana's diplomatic skills and
mildly manipulative tendencies stem from the woman who she so thoroughly adores.

Name: Finn Patzer Dawn-Lyren @RedAttendant
Percentage: 85%
Profile: [x]
Relation: #1 Alchemy Teacher, Best Friend
Quote: 'People really need to start appreciating the effort I put in to not being a serial killer'

In-Depth: Khyana adores Finn Dawn-Lyren, he is her closest friend sharing the same humour and arguably
loose morals as she. The two are renowned for their amusing bickering, driving important political leaders-
namely Vulmar and Thalion- insane with their ever-constant verbal war, of which neither of them will
ever acknowledge. One day she will take his hat, and it will be a victory noted in the Folsetian History books.
One day.

Name: Nesryn d'Inverno @Fern
Percentage: 75%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Close Friend

In-Depth: Khy has trouble making friends, she can be awkward, moody and sometimes a little mean and she's
had to pick pieces of her life up ever since she was a child; Nesryn however, brings her some semblance
of normality, being her first friend to be just purely, a friend. She's pretty cool for a human I gUESS.

Name: Alda Draconas @Tree
Percentage: 65%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Friend,
Quote: 'You must view yourself very lowly to place your affections on my brother'

In-Depth: Khyana values Alda's input on her life, he is a voice of reason and rationality which balances out her
very rare diva moments. One of her passing wishes was to go travelling with the man and she still may make good
on this some day should he stay close with the family. She knows he cares deeply for their odd assortment of
Brodielondé 's and wants him to do well for himself, he is kind, and he is humble. She values these traits highly. As
of late, the two haven't had much to do with each other. Khyana rationalises that this is for the best considering her
sister-in-law's distaste for the man.

Name: Reina Piscaes Asgeirsdottir @Abbi
Percentage: 75%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Sister-In-Law, Best Fish, Mother of her child
Quote: 'Arnold needs picking up at 7, can you have his bath ready?'

In-Depth: Reina is Best Fish, it doesn't hurt that Braern is besotted with her either. Whilst for the longest
time Khyana was convinced Braern was a eunuch or gay Reina has (whether for good or bad) disproved this
theory. She appreciates the syrien is a good match for the fourth son of Brodielonde and hopes
that they continue to make each other as happy. As long as this remains the case the two will remain close friends
as Khyana values family above everything.

Name: Tiberius Rhett de Leon
Percentage: 65%
Profile: [x]
: Friends, Dead-Best-Friends-Dad
Quote: 'I miss him every time I do something that I know he'd hate, I miss him even when I'm doing the right thing.
I can't begin to imagine how it must be for you.'

In-Depth: Tiberius has been one of the few consistent things in Khyana's life, she's known him from when she was small

all the way up till now. Though she's made choices she knows he'd disapprove of; much like Evan had, she thinks she's on
a better path now and is hoping to one day be able to show to him how she's improved. The elf is also aware of the
counsel he gives to her twin, she will always remain grateful to him for this though often feels she does not do a good job
of expressing this.

Name: Vulmar Dawn-Lyren @Fraser028
Percentage: 85%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Neighborhood DILF, GodFather, Friend
Quote: 'Faye read in a book once that great leaders don't set out for a crown, they just set out to make a difference.
You more than most live by these rules.'

In-Depth: Other than being easily the most attractive elf in Folset, Vulmar is also one of the most pleasant. Khyana
hasn't known this feeling of unconditional safety and kindness in a very long time- all too used to having to take
care of herself and herself alone.
She views Vulmar in a very reverent light, his guidance bringing her up a far more
positive road than one that she would have perhaps followed if she'd continued to stay alone.

Name: Ciyera Dawn-Lyren @Moolight
Percentage: 60%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Intrigued by, Sort-of-Godmother, Friend
Quote: 'You remind me of someone I don't want to remember, yet at the same time you contradict her entirely'

In-Depth: Ginger magical elves are something Khy is used to; her time with the Ordells leaving a sour
taste in her mouth and an ache in her heart. However, she's finally reaching the conclusion that
everyone has been trying to tell her for the longest time; Shireen and Ciyera are polar opposite people.
It will take some time, but Khy can see herself coming to trust the Matriarch of the South, seeing her as
a friend rather than a shadow of her past.

Name: Calevmir Felrend @Suldar
Percentage: 49%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Old Friend, Ex-Brother-In-Law
Quote: 'Come near my sister again and it won't end so amicably'

In-Depth: Despite his failed engagement to her sister, Cal has proved himself to be a loyal friend to Khyana over
the years. Though of late he has become somewhat of a thorn in her side, his poor control over his own family and
the stunt where he chased her sister with golems has done nothing to help her slowly decaying view of her old friend
and the house he comes from.

Name: Lazarus Ordell @Tinker_Bella
Percentage: ??%
Profile: [x]
Relation: Heartbroken; Ex Lover
Song: [
Quote: ''Losing you changed me. I've been quiet and quick-tempered, and when I'm shown concern I'm blunt or allusive.
I avoid my friends, drink too much, and I don't recall the last time I felt moved by someone. I lost you. That I understood.
I just didn't think I'd lose me too."

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