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Name: Khyana Lily Ordell
  • Meaning of Names:
    • Khyana- Light, Deity
    • Lily - Pure, Passion
    • de Ortiz - Adoptive name; Brave, Strong or Fortunate
    • Ordell - Beginning // Lost
    • Brodielondé - Familial name//Lost
  • Nicknames | Meanings:
    • Khy
    • Kyra
  • Titles:
    • Lady Khyana de Ortiz
    • Nobility of Folset
    • Nobility of Verseiva
  • Horoscope: - Noctuna -
    "The Inventor"
  • Sexuality: TBD
Marital Status: Unmarried

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  • Age: She appears young for her age however it is still obvious she is around 17.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Race: High Elven
  • Eye Colour: Khy’s eyes are a light teal inherited from her birth mother.

  • Hair: Khy has very thick hair which is naturally loosely curled. Often she pulls at it when she gets nervous and so tends to tie it back to prevent this. It is a very light blonde like the rest of her family and goes down to her lower back.

  • Skin Colour: Khy has very light unblemished skin due to the fact that most of her time is spent either inside a carriage travelling between her various family member’s houses or remaining locked inside BlondielondiE HQ in Tyr’Verist.

  • Body Build: Her figure is slim and tall.

  • Attire: Out of her and her twin she used to be the sister to wear more extravagant clothes and jewellery, often favouring dresses of darker colours to release her teenage angst in an expressive and eye-catching way, however, due to her life experiences wearing clothing such as long skirts and dresses now feels too restricting. She prefers to wear coats and trousers in order to be able to move freely and get away should she need to.

5’6” ft.
170.6 cm
1.707 m
67.2 in.


135 lbs.
9.6 Stone
61 kg

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Khyana follows the goddesses Bahari and Ombra. She's worshipped Bahari since she was very little; it being her blood families religion of choice she was raised to respect the Mother of the ocean and still to this day devoutly performs Bahari's greater claims biyearly. Ombra was the goddess Khy found by herself though, connecting with the deceiver after she was disowned by the Brodielonde's when she was fifteen due to her contraction of the curse Vallahism.


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  • Personal Alignment: Neutral Evil, probably?
  • Close Family: | Father/Varamyr [Deceased] | Mother/Lucille [Deceased] | Twin Sister/Faye [Alive] | | Brother/Raethal [Alive] | Brother/Aerys [Alive] | Brother/Braern [Alive] | Brother/Reprecht [Deceased] |

    | Father/Eredin [Alive] | Mother/Ravenna [Alive] | Brother/Nicholas [Dead on the inside] | | Sister/Adelinetta [Alive] | Brother/ Samuel [Alive] | Sister/Freya [Alive] | Brother/ Andrew [Alive] |

  • Languages:
    • Elven - Fluent
    • Common - Fluent
    • Valois - Passable
  • Personality:
    • Observant// Khy, although doesn't react to everything around her, is keen to observe (from a safe distance) other people's drama unfold. She is aware of everything, doesn't tend to miss details; she is often aware when people lie to her although often doesn’t do much with this information unless she feels it would benefit her.
    • Headstrong// Khy is a very determined girl, this paired with her unwavering stubbornness results in some huge fights with those around her. Her opinions very rarely change.
    • Inconsolable// In her distress coaxing her back to whatever state she'd been in before is no easy feat. She can't trust others enough to let them know her pain, or to apply their advice to her situation, or for others to understand as much as she needs them to. When she becomes upset, her emotions will often boil within her as she feels unable to express them, and when others approach her, she may appear cruel or blunt.
    • Distrustful // Partially due to the fact her brother tried to kill her (twice) she can't see the sense in why anyone would trust another; Khy sees it as a foolish choice, to 'have faith' in someone, and is always second-guessing and doubting even her own family. This can often divide her from others, and though this distrust can, at times, 'save her', further leaves her isolated.
    • Independent//As one might presume, borne from the preference of isolation, Khy copes far better without others than with them. She has learned to heave her own burdens, and to arrange solutions to her own problems.
    • Adventurous// Historically Khyana has always been a thrill seeker, she's always willing to take risks and gets bored very easily. This was most noticeable when she was younger and used to sneak onto her Father's ships to join them on explorations.
    • Selfish// Khy’s priority is herself. Of course, should someone she cares dearly about be in danger, she will come to the rescue- However, she values her survival above the survival of others, and would rather see herself alive. There is seldom she will do, if it doesn't benefit her.
    • Cool// Khyana is Kool with a capital K, arguably one of the coolest gals on the block. If baseball hats were a thing in this world, she would wear one, backwards.

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Name: Dahlia Brodielondé
Percentage: 100%
Relation: Cat
Quote: 'If cat's could do things intentionally, I'd swear you were'



In-Depth: Dahlia is arguably the most important person in Khy’s life. The cat hates everyone and everything, this includes but is not restricted to; Khy’s arms and legs, Khy’s family, Khy’s dresses and bedsheets and most notably all the furniture in the castle. Khyana loves the demon cat™ unconditionally all the same.

Name: Reprecht Brodielondé
Percentage: ??%
Relation: Brother
Quote: 'I guess both of us lied'


For as long as Khy could remember she’d adored her eldest brother, when she was younger following after him almost everywhere. Out of all her family, Reprecht’s reaction to her returning home hurt the most. Then the fact that he killed her (twice) hurt the most, then the fact he got ‘lost at sea’ hurt the most. There was a lot of hurting involved tbh. Khyana murdered her brother by stabbing him through the heart and then throwing him from a cliff in their childhood city of Tyr'Verist. She experiences periods of extreme paranoia and guilt because of this vs. periods of extreme apathy.

Name: Braern Brodielondé
Percentage: 96% 2%
Relation: Brother
Quote: 'Don't you have a book to be reading?'

In-Depth: Whilst Khyana used to pick fights with him on a fairly consistent basis and if asked would announce with no amount of hesitation that she found him obnoxious, infuriating and socially inept- now that she’s older the two have mellowed out considerably, she now often visits her old home in Folset to give advice to him and help run the Exarchy. The two are working on fixing things after such a long time apart. Khyana doesn't trust her older brother but understands the family currently needs him. She is unsure whether she wants to repair the damaged relationship between them but due to more positive influences in her life is beginning to lean towards the more forgiving route. Whether this is a mistake or not, time will only tell.

Name: Lazarus Ordell
Percentage: 95%
Relation: Ex-Huband
Quote: 'And suddenly, we were strangers again.'

In-Depth: Whatever Khyana did or did not feel towards Lazarus has been deliberately buried deep within her from the moment Shireen used blood magic on her. She misses him sometimes but understands that she couldn't rely on him to protect her in the end and living a life constantly in fear of what might happen next is not something the elf wishes for herself. For now, she has made herself disappear so that nobody can find her; including Laz.

Name: Farimmane Brodielondé
Percentage: 80%
Relation: (F)Uncle

In-Depth: Her cousin received his ‘Uncle’ status after Khyana began to spend copious amounts of time in his manor in the Tyr’Varune when she was little, the title was then just never revoked. Khy finds it harder to connect to her favourite Uncle now that she's returned as she knows he directly disapproves of what she is and who she’s become, this causes some strain in their relationship that wasn't there prior.

Name: Meleanor Brodielondé
Percentage: 85%
Relation: Cousin

In-Depth: Meleanor is one of the few people that hasn’t changed how they act towards Khyana once in her whole life. Whilst her cousin's openness with emotions and affections is something Khyana struggles to deal with sometimes she’s very fond of the girl- missing her greatly whenever she returns to Verseiva.

Name: Ravenna de Ortiz D'Caligo
Percentage: 85%
Relation: Not!Mother
Quote: 'When do I get your last name?'

In-Depth: Ravenna is almost completely responsible for Khyana's continued survival thus far, the woman saved Khyana when she was exiled by her family and left to transition to a Vallah on the streets- since then Khyana has followed her everywhere, learning everything she knows from the woman. All of Khyana's diplomatic skills and mildly manipulative tendencies stem from the woman who she so thoroughly adores.

Name: Eredin D'Caligo
Percentage: 90%

Relation: Not!Father
Quote: '

In-Depth: Of Eredin, Khy is fiercely protective. Whilst she understands the Vallah can, in fact, take care of himself she associates him with kindness and safety- two things the girl has not experienced much so far and so follows him much like a duckling. Eredin also has the added bonus of always completely understanding Khyana, the man can read her very easily and takes the time to ensure she is healthy and happy at all times.

Name: Liko Yang
Percentage: 85%
Relation: Best friend, Ex, Guy who saved her life a few times
Quote: 'We need to let go of the illusion that it could have been different'

In-Depth: Liko was Khyana's childhood friend who smuggled her out of Folset when her stupid brother tried to kill her and then smuggled her back in when her other stupid brother ascended to Exarchy. Trusting people is something Khyana takes a while to do but Liko has earnt her respect time and time again. If she hadn't felt her hand was forced she would have probably never left his side, however as it is, she feels they both have duties to uphold and it will be better this way.

Name: Calemvir Felrend


Name: Charlemagne Tormos
Percentage: 30%
Quote: 'It's beyond obvious to me that being a leader was not in your blood'

In-Depth: Khyana assumes that Charlemagne rose to his own Exarchy purely because he was the only one in the running. Khyana was raised to believe an Exarch was someone appointed by royalty to represent Folset in all they do, to obey and be loyal to the crown- whoever that may be, help better the kingdom and use their power justly and fairly. As far as she can see Charlemagne exhibits no such qualities. Her recent run-in with the Exarch has left her irritated by the man; she of the opinion that if he did not wish for things to go the way they have gone then perhaps he should reconsider what he sends in letters to sixteen-year-old girls.



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