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Often carried by Kordaldrum, or kept in his office; this journal would be bound in an old leather time. The language within would seem to transition without notice between the ancient Gundir runes Kordaldrum grew up writing, Common script and High-Dwarven inscription that would be easily read by a modern speaker of Dwarven. Scrawled in the margins are pictures, doodles and other musings of the Runelord, seemingly written during his idle time while researching.

Ninth of Thursept, First Mense of Simber, Five A.E

It is paramount that I find the truth of what became of my people in the two thousand years that has passed since we transitioned into this world. Though many of the Gundir came with us through the portal in the last cataclysm, there were many more that chose to remain in our fortress until the very end. I fear that they may have lost their lives, though I have hope that some survived. Either way, it is my duty as Scrollkeeper to gather what I can of the history of the Dawi and keep it recorded.
Through my conversation with the merchants of Saerweld, I have begun an expedition to find the dwarven “Roads” of the western continent. According to the Merchant-Lord, the ancient and long-dormant empire of Dawi in the west were well renowned for their mighty roads, though he is none the wiser on their location. It is my hope that I can find evidence of my bretheren’s civilization beneath the earth as well as explore what they may have left behind.

Eleventh of Thursept, First Mense of Simber, Five A.E

My exploration of the runic knowledge recently re-revealed to me through my ponderings has proven useful. It seems buried within the library of the Gundir was the knowledge of electric manipulation. These runes that are so inscribed in my head can be written, carved or formed to do specific tasks.
These runes seem to tap into a power that is far beyond anything I have experienced before, merely attempting to inscribe them has proven harmful. I know what the runes are capable of, and within my mind I seem to be able to tap into the correct runes to enscribe, but the process is finicky at best. At the moment I am attempting to summon a wall of electricity from a stone tablet placed on the ground, it seems each time I activate the spell it explodes bringing various degrees of harm to myself and my assistants.
It is my suspicion that should the Gundir have had access to this ancient and powerful knowledge, they must not have been the only Dawi to find this secret. I look forward to confirming this theory with my exploration of the Dawi society supposedly long-buried in the Western continent.
Thus far, I have plans to move forward in developing three runes.
Firstly, something to provide support to Dwarven soldiers on the front lines. It would seem that it is easier for myself to inscribe low-power runes than it is high-power ones, so I have put my mind towards harnessing the power of Lightning for simple weaponry so that our men may incapacitate their foes more easily. It seems this can be most easily accomplished by imbuing a rune with the simple ability to discharge electricity upon touch, and placing that rune on the receiving end of a Warhammer.
Secondly, I plan to make something for myself. In my old age, I have become less interested in personal combat and more interested in simply making my problems disappear. That is why, should this work out I will be able to simply destroy whatever serpent spawn that may find its self on the wrong side of my wrath from a distance, with a well placed bolt of lightning. Seemingly the issue with this is finding a vessel with the ability to not only hold charge on my wrath-bolt as it gained in power, but to also not transfer said charge into my body as I'm casting it. Perhaps more research should be had into forms of insulation from the electrical charge.
And lastly, through my tests I have found that I am able to cause the electrcity to not just come out all at once, but also to take form. What I am able to do with said form is limited, as the lightning cannot form precise measurements with any form of accuracy. However, I do believe the power of thunder can be harnessed to create a shield around a users body, to perhaps protect them from projectiles or give a nasty surprise to anything that gets too close.​
Further research into this field will be necessary, and I'll have to consult with the Dwarven craftsmen on what we could possibly find to hold this runic power.​

Tenth of Sunsept, Fourth Mense of Fonily, Five A.E

Construction has begun on Holmsgard, the new capital of the Supreme Creator in Aversia. For once I believe that cooperation can be found between those of the surface and the Dawi, truly we are about to enter into a new age of cooperation and progress for our two peoples.
Through our efforts, the surrounding land in the Western continent has been largely explored, and nothing of these supposed Dawi roads have been found, above the surface. It has occured to me that perhaps the notion that the roads were above-ground landmarks left behind by these long-forgotten Dawi was merely surface-dweller bias clouding my vision. We will begin moving the earth beneath Holmsgard to investigate potentially long-buried tunnels in the Dawi’s domain, beneath the Earth. This effort will be made easier through my acquisition of the fabled hammer Earthquake, though once held by brother Thoradin he has passed the masterwork onto myself. I have found with it I am able to manipulate the earth to my desires, and plan to make use of this ability to uncover what lies beneath our feet.

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