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Last of the Heroes… (1 Viewer)


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Deep within the tower of Tyr’Arien, Vulmar would sit quietly. He’d spent many a night alone in recent weeks, Ciyera’s work taking her away from him with little idea of when she would return. With little much else to make do, Vulmar would take a book he had procured from the local market, with promises that it would take down whatever he spoke.

“Hello there?”

To his surprise, the words would appear as soon as he spoke, a blunt yet oddly elegant style like himself.

“Well at least I wa- shit”

*The words continued as he spoke, the elf forgetting the first and most important principle of this item, he sighed now seeing there was no way to remove it, slowly he turned the page over

{This time keep your gob shut}

His eyes would dance over the empty page before resting upon an old letter at his bedside, the mark of House Greycrest emblazoned upon it. Taking the letter in hand he examined the seal, gently blowing dust from the letter that had sat idle for many years.

{I suppose that is a good a topic as any..}

“Folset, the great elven experiment, a nation built on the laws and morals of our forefathers but what is it now. I’ve often wondered in the last few years what became of my people, whilst years have passed and times have changed, I have always thought the nobility of Folset would remain the same, but alas it would seem this is not the case. I am over one hundred and fifty years old, a founder of Folset along with the Greycrests and the Rhetts, I watched our ragtag group of survivors makes its way from the oppressive heel of the empire to a small valley with a minor Goblin infestation.”

Vulmar would chuckle at that, remembering the times they’d had, the creatures they had vanquished back in the beginning.

“But it was that valley that became our home, stronger than Tyr’Dolin, grander in scale and beauty. I was not born in this world, gods no my home burnt in the war but I owe so much to Folset, my livelihood, my friends and most importantly my family…”

The elf took a long pause as he dictated to the book sat across from him, pondering his next words in careful contemplation.

“But now I fear that the Folset I once knew and loved is changing, changing in a way that is beneficial to some but dire to others. A changing of the guard so to speak, out with the old and in with the new. I should perhaps have seen that when I returned here, Vassass replacing Veltes, purple banners hung from the capital. The heroes are all gone and the giants are dead, replaced with the backstabbing and bureaucracy of politics, part of me hates it, furious at the perversion I see but what can I do, pray to Veltes and hope. No, sadly I believe that time has passed, where once we stood in his light, where the king was his vestige on earth but now I only hear silence. The Church where angels once walked is now cold and changed, Kasimir truly changed this nation, I fear not for the better, I only wish I could do more than I can… to be something more than a simple smith, Tiberius was the lord of war, Val’thelor the champion of a god, Merrick the master mage, even the Brodielondes were blessed with the powers of the sea for a time. Yet here I sit, a mere mortal, it was not that I didn’t have powers, blessings of my own, many years ago I was powerful, enough energy to destroy cities for my masters but that came at a cost, but to have even that power once more I could do more, I could save them, save them all…”

His voice would reach a crashing crescendo, a righteous fury of a man desperate to do more, around him the room would change, the dark corridors transforming into the beauty and majestic of a vibrant white palace, friends and colleges dotted around as they feasted merrily. Even Vulmar was different, his hair returned to a shade of brown, his skin tanned to a degree. Standing to his feet with pride and a smile he walked through the hall casual nods to men long dead and finally to Val’thelor and the Greycrests the ones he had served for so long, but slowly it would fade, the images of a golden Folsetian court disappearing only to leaving the dark interior of the upper towers of Arien. His body would slump back into the seat, a sigh slowly escaping him.

“Folset.. What an idea it was, a beautiful and majestic idea, but like all things, it must change. I fear what will become of us, what great terror will attempt to tear us apart, what great evil will try it’s luck next... In truth, I don’t know, like most things I do not know, yet here I stand, last of the heroes…”

If anyone wants to do anything with this feel free, I’m open to most things at this point
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