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Letter for Miss Krianna [Private] (1 Viewer)

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A mimicrov would enter the hall, nearing the seat of the Chancellor, dropping an unimpressive letter with small flowers drawn about the receiver's name.

Dear Miss Krianna,
Hello and Happy Hibernias! We exchanged greetings at the celebration yesterday, but I could not find you after you made your wish. I'm not incredibly surprised, due to the hectic party. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed yourself.
When we exchanged greetings, you told me that you needed to speak with me. If you would like to have this conversation over the letter, I understand that you are an incredibly busy woman, and I would hate to inconvenience you.
If you would prefer to speak in person, we can schedule a time to meet to avoid me coming at a less than ideal time.
Come by the tavern for tea, if you can!

With love,

Kani Sarlotte


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