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A letter on fine parchment would be hand delivered to Azazel via royal courier. The symbol of the kingdom seen in the wax seal.
Dear Azazel Akuron,
We regret to inform you that your marriage to Erland Onroi must be here by annulled by the Church and Crown. It came to the attention of our higher authorities that your husband Erland Ontroi did not ever officially divorce Ramona Meadows. As the church nor the crown have record of such. Given his marital status to Lady Ramona was still intact when you were wed, this violates the sanctity of marriage. We apologize to bring such news to you in letter but we felt it was important to inform you as quickly as possible. Please meet with the Konig as soon as possible as this affects the status of your nobility.

Konig Avel and Queen Eleanora Maddoc



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Azazel would return to the keep of Altenach and read over the letter, raising a brow as it proved that her ex husband was even more of a waste of space than she had though. With a small sigh and tap of her claws on the surface of her desk she'd set the letter aside in her important drawer. Donning her furs and moving off to go and meet yet again with the Konig.

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