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The follow letter was delivered via courier to the chief counsel of Everhollow’s office of law. Said courier would wait for a reply, ready to return it to the business woman whos sent the letter.

To the bounty official of Everhollow’s chief counsel and whom it may concern,

In the interest of completing a bounty upon your notice board I’d like to request more information if you hold any on the wanted individual known as “The Stormlord.”

It is my intention to capture said man and bring them to justice. Any information on the appearance, skills and whereabouts of the criminal would be greatly appreciated.

Yuna Jung,



Event Team
Event Team
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*It would be many septs before soon the anxious courier would be given his letter of reply, returning back to wherever he came from the courier was well fed and tended to while he was to wait. It would not be long before he would return with a neatly made scroll sealed with red colored ink and hosting the unbroken crest of Everhollow.*
To Whom It May Concern,
Adventurer Yuna. For the sake of time we lack because of this nonsense happening across the lands we will not ask you to see us in Everhollow as so many have tried what you now inquire about. Adventurers and Bounty Hunters alike all burly chested and firm have met their death at the hands of this Stormlord so we would fear that you have a death wish or hope that you have skill. As for the Stormlord he is a man who goes by many names but his figure never changes, he is a rather short and thin man with pure white hair and eyes of green/blue. He has been known to host himself in the oceans or shorelines reportedly his last victims was a trading vessel off the middle east coast. Take note that either his victims range in either bodies floating in the ocean or those who he has managed to persuade into joining him, not only will you need a firm body but also a firm mind but your reward will be met when you bring the Stormlord to Everhollow either in whole or just a head.
We wish you luck Adventurer Yuna, maybe his victims will see peace at last. Come to us if you ever need any more recent news of the criminal.

The Everhollow Council

*This letter would be followed by the signature of Everhollow, simply a stamped sigil of the collective council.*

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