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To Jarl Hollowgale,
Following a recent parley with Xia representative and necromancer Mai I write this report to you.

Denizens of Xia are either of wretched, suffering beings, or undead bound to this land through the will of a so called 'Master' and the numerous Necromancers within the establishment. It is their interest that they can gather enough strength to give another chance to those who suffer and seek their aid from within the land, claiming that their society does not only consist of Necromancers. They ask only to be left alone so they can accomplish this 'Holy, or Divine Quest' to give the so called 'Suffering' another chance at life, one without the pain and corruption that courses through them.​
Creditibility has been checked, however, it is unknown whether this procedure they intend on fulfilling is safe or naught, for they let none beyond the second gate, and the first gate itself has destroyed half the undead corruption that courses through me. From this latter observation, I surmise that the Undead may not leave the establishment at all unless these defenses fall. They obey to their masters at all times, presenting no intent on causing harm unless told so.​
On the matter of settling within the area- It is entirely possible and permitted by the 'Master', however, only and by all means only if Xia is left alone and unharmed, undisturbed. Those are their terms. Should any attack occur on the establishment, they will retaliate full force and eradicate any hostile forces with all power at their disposal.​
Regarding Necromancy; While some procedures are affable, Necromancy leads to corruption of body, mind and soul. These magi are fully within understanding of that.​
The question then, should they be allowed to proceed with these on-goings, or should actions be taken against them? Should we choose the latter, the results will be devastating, and likely will cause long-term wounds to Vinnagard itself. At any rate, our military will be crippled and is going to be unable to participate in the upcoming War in Heaven.​
The city is well fortified, 5.000 men will only be enough to establish our forward outposts down in the frozen plains and carry out small tasks of establishing various positions around the now profane capital. An all out assault is suicidal. It will take months to wear down walls and defenses, and it is unbeknowst to us whether there indeed are suffering people within the premise.​
After the city's defenses wear down in a hypothetical case, what resides within is going to be horrid to face in every way, for we do not understand the extent of this 'Master's' authority over the dead.​
Hyssir'larhaa Aardynar​
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