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Letter to all Wake's~ (1 Viewer)


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Dear my dearest family.

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I have looked upon the past of my family and today, made a choice.

My family has meant the world to me ever since I met Michael in Sonaria and married Michelle, and she became the first Wake wedded into the family, with Samuel, my first son, and then followed by my first brother, Pakaun.

We've come a long way from a Ranch, from four different manors and in and out the Tavern business. We are possibly the oldest known family in Aethius and beyond.

And I love you all.

Which is why I have created a House.

House Wake. Our House Sigil is a Rose. No...

I don't ask anything of you, my beloved family. All I ask is that you join this House...it is the House of Wake, where your last name will have more meaning.

This isn't to crave for power of have chests full of Arunes to outbuy the world. We are not Belmonte. We don't have a main regional town or settlement..because we are not owners of anything as a whole. This is simply how we are recognised....as a happy family.

I wish to improve Aethius by helping everyone I can....and look after my family.

I've put the funds forward towards the register office.

We will be a House now, nobility. You are all my heirs to a House of undying care.

So please...join this House, my loving family.

I love you.

Your caring mother / lover / sister / grandmother.

-Lady Wake.


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