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A common courier would arrive to Coizela, bearing Inverno House colors. He would offer a gift
of sugared biscuits, as well as the sealed letter to the Duquesa directly,
or whoever could bring her the package.

"To Duquesa Ravenna d'Caligo,

Duquesa, I hope this letter reaches you in good spirits
as the harvest soon approaches. I write in hopes of establishing
a further relationship with you and your lands--I have recently
decided to abdicate the lordship of Balmira to my steward, in an effort
to focus on the growth of my children. North of Monsaraz, but in your
lands, at the banks of the lake, there lies a vacant plot of land that I
would be interested in inhabiting as a citizen of your
territory. Of course, any of the novelties grown
on this stead will, indeed, thusly belong in part to Coizela,
and furthermore, you should find the temperant of my
family quite enjoyable.

If you'd like to discuss this further, perhaps we could arrange
a dinner. I know of a lovely wine I could bring.
Please enjoy this tin of biscuits--it is a Sun's Scion house recipe.
With compassion,"



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The Duquesa did in fact receive the letter and package, but she was tending to her youngest son when she got it. Upon reading the letter, the woman started off as being pleasantly surprised and gradually began to squint at its contents in a state of confusion and concern. Why would a Conde of the kingdom leave the privacy of their own lands, where they could make their own rulings within reason, for an area within the forest which they've had trouble in before? This perplexed the duquesa to no end but she accepted it regardless. Perhaps she could get a second opinion from Tristao and Joao in the meantime.

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