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Despite his stationing in Mutajara, he send out couriers and letters out to the people he initially considered in the ranks of his society and organization. One went to most Kingdoms, to specific people.

Ons'Kaish, @Lioln
I intend on building and creating an organization based on being together for victory and working together despite nationality and religion to defeat greater enemies and foes. In this organization, I intend on selecting one person from each Kingdom to organize other members and help with elections held in the society. I ask that you be said Master in the society representing the Luk'mali. If there is anyone I know that would truly uphold such knightly and honorable behavior, it is you. You have stood by my troubles, fought with me, and gave me advice when very few were there for me. You uphold everything I look for in an organization like this. If you wish to speak with me further about this, I am in Mutajara.
Your friend, Thaddeus.

Mikael Merrigold, @Adan
Even with our active 'pact', there is far more I want to do in the effort against chaos. I want to start a unification of people willing to easily put aside culture and religion to work together. I've come to create and temporarily lead an organization. With this, I wish to select a Master from each Kingdom that organizes other members of said Kingdom and uphold our values and virtues. Mikael, I wish to select you as the Master representing our society in Folset if you would accept this request. If you need me, you know where to find me.
Your step-father, Thaddeus.

Hilda Hollowgale, @Chae
It has been some time since we've last talked. I write to you with a request to help me start something much greater. I am starting and organizing a society that works with dealing with major threats despite differences in religion and nationality, a working and coming together of people to help fight off the current threat and any future threats. I seek to find a 'Master' for each Kingdom to represent and handle any members in the Kingdom. I ask you to be a Master in my organization, the representative of our society in Vinnagard. It is rare that the liege of a nation be chosen, as you may very well be the only one, but you have done much against the current threat.
Your friend, Thaddeus.
Goslynn Askeladden, @Bromophobe
I have not written or spoken to you since our meeting about the Scarab Exams, but I've seen and heard much from you otherwise. I am organizing and bringing together a society that will work against threats like these on a more international and unified scale, bringing people from many other Kingdoms, cultures, and religion together. In my society, I intend on organizing a 'Master' to represent the society in each Kingdom, to help organize against local threats with them or help other Masters and members of the society. I ask that you join my society and represent the society in the Reiklands, should any others join with you.
Your acquaintance, Thaddeus.

A letter did not find its way to anyone in Verseiva or the Mandarazi, but there would have to be one chosen eventually.
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[!] *Returning from the latest cleansing mission, Goslynn was swamped with paperwork that he spent the night going over. His assistant was slumbering peacefully in a couch, hugging a file like a child's teddy bear. As he signed the umpteenth paper that approved this or that recruit's admission into the army, his hands fell upon something a tad more interesting. He opened the letter, slipped out the missive and rest his chin in his open palm. The Sentinel took his time to read, and the re-read the contents of the missive. With a hum, he went to take some parchment of his own, dipped his quill in the ink and penned a response.* [!]
Thaddeus Artorius,
I'm honored you would consider me joining your organisation, it sounds promising. However I am still uncertain on whether or not I should be a part of this, seeing as my responsabilities to His Majesty, and to the Lord often do not coincide with other's agendas. If we could discuss this further at one point, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for your consideration,
Goslynn Askeladden

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