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To Hvitserk Brynjarsson

You are hereby summoned to Frjalstad for examination with immediate urgency. Seek out Karl Hyssir'larhaa Aardynar to be tested about your ailment.
Rohana's fires ever alight,
Xyl Taran Tinvaak

To Her Majesty, Lucrèce Duval's scribe,

It has not been within my ability to convey my greetings to Your Majesty as of yet, thus I am doing so in such a manner. Should there be time and want for a possible meeting in goodwill to be arranged, I'd be most glad to attend. Topics, there aren't many that would entertain business, rather, this is aimed to be a chance to both of us to gain a grasp of who the other is. Should you welcome a blind dragonling in your court, please forward a response.

Rohana's fires ever alight,
Karl of Fridsaelt, Jarldom of Vinnagard
Hyssir'larhaa Aardynar.


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A letter returned to Hyssir'larhaa in a fair amount of time. It had the Queen's wax seal, but not her own handwriting.
Dear Hyssir'larhaa,

I have a joke for you. A blind queen and duke walk into a bar. They say ow. Regardless of sick jests, my keep is always open for people to come and speak their mind.

Lucrèce Duval, Duchesse of Piermont

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