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Hey everyone!

Enchantments have been a staple part of the magic system and has been something without any general restriction as to what can be enchanted/what cannot be enchanted. Thus, we are writing stipulations for enchanting items. Let it be noted that spells that cannot be enchanted onto items can instead be put onto scrolls and tomes. We hope these stipulations open up more use of a type of catalyst we feel is underused!

Enchantment Policy Changes:

  • Only certain spells may be enchanted onto items:
    • Generally spells that only affect the caster in a simple way (i.e. protective barriers, invisibility, illusions, muffling.) However, enchantments may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
    • Weapon enchantments will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis until we officially release runesmithing and its respective mechanics.
    • Things such as illusions may only give wearers a single appearance.
    • More complex spells such as time-altering spells, or being able to polymorph/shapeshift are not allowed. Note: There are more spells that are generally not allowed to be enchanted onto items.
  • Scroll Mechanics:
    • Require the user to focus on reading the scroll.
    • People without a lit spark may activate scrolls, and mages take no strain from activating them.
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A bit of an update on what's going on, some basic policy changes that some players will hope to enjoy along with a bit of satirical banter of a bugfix.

  • All fey will be getting their pixie form revoked come the update to the fey. Archfey, Seraphina, and Layla will retain this, as the two character received special circumstances of their creation. We will think about finding a way for regular fey to get wings, but no guarantees.
  • Scrolls for Polymorph spells are ALLOWED, however polymorph spells themselves on others raw is still not from the rules.
  • There are some confusing minds debating on whether or not depending on the applicator you would receive helpful advice or a cold hand. We are changing this policy to a purely helpful hand. Lore team will make effort to assist any player applying for something or attempting to get something and will try to assist them their best to either explain why they were declined or how they can fix it to get approved. This was resolved internally by giving everyone rehabilitation treatments.
      • Emily has been given a Lore team shitposting license after signing a contract she didn't read. This limits her to only shitposting in lore team chat lul.
      • Monomyth has been granted a couch to lay on constantly. His mood has improved and he can now actually form coherent sentences.
      • Vyniel was told she could eat people. We have a supply of gummy bear people with kool-aid blood and she seems satisfied [for now].
      • Bloomed can't speak, so we gave her Microsoft Sam. It was a terrible idea but she is happy.
      • Kaoiyr has exclusive veto rights, engaged by saying "no proof" on anything we do. This is abused early and often, and nothing will ever come out again.
      • Kismess was given a virtual puppy. One that actually is a puppy that isnt his weird vomiting chimera.
      • Moon is just happy to be here.
      • Brandon is on a multitude of Joy pills and wearing a stright jacket that frees his hands to type. That should lift his spirits and remind him he's stuck here forever.
  • [Not Satirical]
  • The due date internally for the Lore cull and all the projects is June the 15th. Expect full release by the end of June, and the beginning of Gen 5 Magic changes which will go a lot faster because our team actually wants to do it instead of redoing every thread imaginable.
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