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Rogue's Roads!

After Klaus had left and given Eleanora his request for lumber, Eleanora would in a few days time put together the necessary arrangements. Soon after Klaus would return to the desert, a shipment of lumber from the Reikland would arrive after he to Mutajara. A lumber worker would be around to converse with Klaus over the wood, making sure all that was needed was delivered and put in the proper locations.



Kemetic Aesthetic
Due to the potential for interception, Garai's thank-you letter was made extremely short and vague, betraying little details of the arrangement. He would most likely meet the royalty in-person, but the nature of the war meant such a meeting would have to wait. He was tied up in Mutajara.

To The Queen, E L E A N O R A

"This contribution fills me with gratitude. You have done us a service, Queen Maddoc. And rest
assured, the Mandarazim always repay their debts. Blessings of health and safety upon your line."

Compliments of Mandaraz,
Emir Of Mutajara, G A R A I


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