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Major Content Expansion - Update to 1.14.4 (1 Viewer)


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PLEASE NOTE: The following update is relevant to the 1.14.4 Server which will be released at (Approximatley) Midnight GMT (Or 7pm EST - 28/12/2019) after the EXODUS event intermission. None of the below changes have been implimented on the existing 1.12.2 Server that is in service until then.

Aethier has updated to 1.14.4, and in additional to several other releases, these are the updates/changes that have taken place for this new update.

Central Aethier Infrastructure:
  • New Server Host has been Rented on a 12 Month Lease with OVH. The new server is located in London UK and costs slightly more per month to run, but is statistically three times as powerful as our previous host
    • Specs:
      • Intel Xeon-E 2288G - 8c/ 16t - 3.7GHz/ 5GHz
      • 128GB DDR4 ECC 2666MHz
      • Disks: 2x960GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID + 2x6TB HDD SATA Soft RAID
      • Network: 1GBPS(2GBPS Burst) downlink with 10GBPS uplink.
      • Operating System: VMWareESXI
  • Updates VM's to latest Linux Distrubutions and Windows instances to Server 2019.
  • Automated SSL certificates using WAF.
  • Fully Integrated Firewall solution.
  • Integrated a new Network Security Model, Isolated sensitive Data Streams from the Public Internet.
  • Intrusion Protection Module has been added
  • Essential Management Ports have been closed and are to be done using a Secure Procedure for accessing internal Systems.
  • All Environments and Services have been Transferred from AethierCoreGen4, to AethierCoreGen5 (Excluding the 1.12.2 Env.)
Aethier Teamspeak Server:
  • Updated software to Latest Version
Aethier Bungeecord Proxy:
  • Updated to Latest Version
  • Maintenance Mode Toggle is now available
  • NetworkManager is now in use to allow dynamic changes of bungeecord with less frequent restarts
Aethier Creative Server:
  • Service Now Offline for Rebuild, Scheduled for release Mid January
Aethier Roleplay Server:
  • Environment has been fully rebuilt from the ground up to ensure stability with the new release.
  • Aethier5 is now the new Primary Map to be used for RP.
  • The Following Plugins Have Been Disabled/Removed Temporarilly due to incompatibilities with 1.14.4 and features may be unavailable
    • CustomJoins (Incompatible with 1.14.4)
    • FastAsyncWorldedit (Substituted with standard Worldedit)
    • FastAsyncVoxelsniper (Substituted with Standard Voxelsniper)
    • CratesPlus (Only Supports 1.14.2. Developer is working on a fix)
    • LagMeter
    • Vivecraft
    • Tokenmanager (Functional and installed, however unable to spend tokens currently due to CratesPlus being down)
    • FurnitureLib & FurnitureMaker & ProtectionLib & Light API (Unstable)
    • NBTEditor
  • The Following Plugins have been decomissioned and are no longer needed/in use
    • LWC (Replaced with ChestProtect)
    • Jukebox & NoteBlockAPI (Unused)
    • BlingBall (Depreciated/EOL)
    • iDisguise (CUlled)
    • TacticalBacon-Reloaded
    • AntiWDL (Replaced with ADL)
    • MassiveLag (Abandoned on Spigot)
    • MassiveTickets (Abandoned on Spigot)
    • MassiveCore (Abandoned on Spigot)
    • UltimateFireworks (Culled)
    • MoarBows (Culled)
    • TravelTickets (Unused)
    • AethierPay (Depreciated/EOL)
    • Ports (To be replaced with CMI Portals)
    • Brewery (Unused by players)
    • Buildfixes (Depreciated/EOL)
    • CustomDurability (May return this if it stops spamming the random Hiragana)
  • The following Plugins/commands/features are temporarilly disabled during the Exploration Phase andd are scheduled to return at the end of January:
    • MCMMO
    • /fly
    • Player Vaults
    • Access to the Storage2 World.
    • Hyperdrive
  • The following are new plugins that have been introduced in this update
    • ChestProtect
    • TimeManager
  • AethierCharacters has recieved a major content update and now features new options on the menu, and an increased character slot capacity from 5 to 10.
  • Minesync and its relevant automation has been transferred and setup.
  • Daily AutoReboot Moved from 5am GMT (MIDNIGHT EST) to 12pm GMT (7am EST)
  • Fixed the bug that occasionally caused reboots to fail and got the RP server trapped in a state where it were online, but not accepting players.

Known Bugs:
  • UltimateChat has a known issue where if you use a Channel alias to speak directly into a channel you are already in, it will cause the next message to send to that channel despite what your channel is actually set to. This can be avoided by either excplusivley using the channel change command, or exclusivley speaking using the aliases. To avoid this issue we advise NOT using a combination of the two.
  • An issue with the MorePlayerModels Plugin is currently causing errors that are preventing the Client mods from communicating with eachother. I have informed the Dev of this issue and hope to get this fixed in a few days.

Last minute change, We have switched back to an updated version of worldguard and abandoned redprotect due to compatibility issues with a planned plugin, and the lack of a required feature.

More information May be added to this post as needed.
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