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Makev_Alkam's Ban Appeal (1 Viewer)


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I was just banned for violating rule 9 of the Codes of Conduct. I assume it was due to me speaking, in Private Message, to a friend who had already invited me to another server weeks prior. She had decided to leave, and I was only saying my goodbyes from this server. I, however, did mention the name of the other server. Although this may seem somewhat like advertisement, I'd argue against that with multiple points. First of all, the person I was speaking with had already known of and played on the server I was speaking of. Secondly, I was not advertising in it's definition (  the activity or profession of producing advertisements for commercial products or services. ) and had no intention or tone of persuading -anyone- to look to a different server. Lastly, this is the first rule in the Codes of Conducts I have broken in my time on Aethier, and I did not receive even one warning. I would appreciate it greatly if someone were to take some time to look over my ban.

                         I hope to spend more time within your server. Thank you for your time.


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Advertising is a known instant bannable offense, especially from a server who carries such an odd vendetta against us because their owner couldn't get a discount World edit.

Sadly, whether or not they "Knew" what server you play on does not excuse that you nonetheless did mention and advertise it in-game.

Also you wish to spend more time here, yet you say you were saying goodbye?

A lot of what you said here does not add up and is extremely confusing, so I'm going to be denying this ban appeal.

You may reappeal in two weeks.


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