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Danakovian Lord
Two seperate letters would be composed and sent out, one to Ons'kaish and another to Ingonyama of the Luk'mali.
To Ons'kaish and Chieftan Ingonyama of the Luk'mali,
I write to you to with a simple wish of good intentions. For many tsels now I have longed to rebuild what was lost by my people in the war launched by your father, former Chieftan Bheka. My people need an official home again, and we would like to return to our ancestral lands of Rohalast. From my understanding, the original quarrel was with the orcs of Ku'gath'fang and Oaklum, one of my former fellow Triumvir council members and not the Danakovish peoples specifically; thus I have hope to begin again the alliance our peoples had been forming so long ago before tradgedy had struck. We would be highly grateful to have our homes returned to us and for both our races to prosper in peace. I would be curious to learn of what conditions you would require for such a thing, and look forwards to having pleasant discussions on what can be done.

From, Valrick Narulas Ducaran.

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In the early morning Ingonyama's message keeper rushed down to the beach, catching the Leonin during his morning surf. The Leonin came to a halt on the sands, cupping his hands around his maw to protect his voice as he called out to the waves out to the wave riding Ondera.

"Ondera, You've multiple letters arrived for you today!"

"Great Spirits there is never a moments rest. I'll deal with them in a moment."
And soon enough, while only a brief one, Ingonyama would send a reply to the Danakov: @Suldar

Valrick Narulas Ducaran,

Forgive my bluntness on such a sensitive matter. I do not mean you ill but I will state what I can only see as fact. History shows you as a poor leader. I do not intend for history to repeat itself. Yet, this is not why I decline your request. You came from another world to settle upon what you call Rohalast yet since the war my tribe have lived upon it for far longer than yours ever did. The island you speak of is no longer your home. It is called Maluele. It is home to thousands of leonin. What is done cannot be undone. We can only move on from it. I will not uproot my people because you asked nicely.

I wish you and your people all the best. I heard Danakov are thriving within the Jarldom of Vinnagard under the guidance of Karl Hyssir'larhaa. The world is already at peace. Don't rock the boat.

Ingonyama Hadenibhek
Ondera Deni Luk'Mali



Danakovian Lord
A letter would be sent in reply from the Spirit Isles, likely the last one.
I appreciate the swift response, Chieftan Ingonyama. Meaning no offence as well, but your people too came from another world to settle upon this one. Most of Aversia's origins come from elsewhere, few are not descended from the settlers from the last homelands. While there also may be Danakov living in the far North of Vinnagard, the North is no home for us Danakov born of fire and Karl Hyssir'larhaa's settlement there is a mystery to me. Thank you for your time, it is a shame you do not wish to really discuss the resettling of Rohalast further. I shall have to look elsewhere for a solution to a home for my people it would seem."
Valrick Narulas Ducaran
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