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mrcraftkonrad's new ban appeal (1 Viewer)


Ban Appeal

Forum Name:mrcraftkonrad

Banned MC Account(s): mrcraftkonrad

Reason for ban: RP standards not met

Date of Ban: October 10, 2016, midnight - 1:30 am ( I am not sure about exact time)

So starting at the beginning i was strolling along near the gorge In the tunnel that leads to the spirit tree minding my own business after escaping my captors ,who had captured me for trying to help a lady whom was shackled and terrified. When suddenly two of my former captors  appeared They saw my face  and  this is where the first problem arose. I then started to question that they had ever even seen my face and although I was eventually proven wrong I will admit that I sounded sorta childish but I was just trying to find a loop whole. Back to the story, my former captors proceeded to question me and asking me to go with  them. I obviously refused stating that it was my trouble making twin named Jon and offered to talk about the situation over a pint. from their things got violent and eventually oaklum got involved and a friend of mine named quintin. after realizing that the battle was lost I proceeded to jump off a cliff into the gorge onto some vines. This is where the second incident occurred as I jumped for the vines. oaklum and I  disputed the distance of the vines where i made a childish joke about how Tarzan could have made it. I also would like to remind whoever reads this that I am still very green and was still trying to get a grasp around combat because It was my first time so I did stop to ask some questions which might to the wrong person seemed childish because I didn't know. well it turned out that the vines were to far away for me to jump to them and that even if I reached the vines the drop was over six stories tall so I was killed upon impact. If this ban appeal goes well I will be applying for a revival app. I would once again like to reiterate that i am somewhat new too combat RP, therefore to the more masterful eye my combat RP could have seemed lacking. I would also like to inform whoever it may concern that in my absence i have not been idle. I have been studying what parts of the forums  could access advancing my knowledge of RP.

Please judge swiftly,



High Energy
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This has been approved! However, due to the circumstances in which you were banned, we at the Aethier Staff Team feel it is necessary for you to reapply for our white-list. Hope to see you back soon!

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