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My Unban Appeal - Parker (1 Viewer)


Formerly 'Parker.'
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What have I done?

It was accumulative actions that I have purposefully or hadn't meant to do, more so because I did not think through what my words really meant to the person. Whatever left my mouth, half of the time it was an aggressive or passive aggressive statement or question that left the group or person with distaste and for that I fully apologize to those I have done it to.


My Apologies towards you as I disregarded some soft and hard warnings you gave me throughout the few months leading up to my ban off of Aethier. I should have been more mature about the many situations I was in with many people and heeded your warnings when you gave them to me. Another thing that I thank you for was being civil with me rather than anything else, it was a good impression on me as I think back on it now. I can fully appreciate the many duties you have as an employee of Aethier, and hope you have the best of luck.

I've had a few squabbles with you, and thinking back on it further I wanted to properly address what I have done and apologize for it publicly as to be as genuine as I can be. It was me being an arrogant prick and finding terrible ill-deemed assumptions to your behavior as well. I can recall the biography that you had on the Korean-based race character within your roster, and I first poked fun at the absolute 'terrible passive' as I put it regarding your character's passive sensing of souls. Towards the end I took it too far and made you upset, to the point where staff were involved and I apologize for my behavior from the start. You are not anything to be treated as badly as I did. Also, how is your jewelry shop?


As most of you know I came from a rather humid community, even if you had not a clue It does not excuse my behavior. I am most hopeful that I can change myself, it's been a while off of Aethier and I quite miss the community, it's what I've been looking for to treat myself after University. Many people I've met have put impressions and realizations within me that I would've never had if it had not been without the many people I have enjoyed role-playing with on Aethier.

Thank you for taking the time to read my appeal.



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Hello, Parker! Moderation team has seen it fit to unban you as you've had plenty of time away to think. I've gone and unbanned you in game already, and I'll get your forums account unbanned as soon as I am able to.

Welcome back, and thank you for the apologies.

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