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As requested, here are the server guidelines for a thieves guild:
  1. Roleplay thievery is always allowed, but ooc consent must be given to take any physical items
  2. A town guard character may step in to intervene with a robbery of sorts, but regular characters will be unable to prevent the event alone or without proper assistance/equipment/preparation (this is to encourage proper town guard Roleplay)
  3. Scheduled events may either gain OOC consent to steal from a town, and or items may be spawned for the thieving party to take if successful. (It goes to say for actually hosting an event, you won't walk away empty handed. Even if the victim party isn't playing fair by not handing anything over presuming the robbery was successful though). A staff member can usually help with these events given suitable notice.
  4. Players may only deny a thievery OOCly if they have valid reason such as: building closed down or unfinished. (You can't tell a thief not to rob a building just because you don't want them to). To prevent issues, a staff member is required to stop such an event from happening, as a denial of a thievery steps into the bounds of try inning Roleplay, as it would be denying all the planning of the thieves Roleplay.
  5. Outside of events, it is entirely down to the player being robbed if they want to be a good sport and hand over any small/big amount of items or money when being robbed, although it is perfectly fine just to Roleplay it out but not give anything, providing the Roleplay happens and isn't dodged because the player fears losing something.
I hope these are as fair as possible. If there are any complaints or suggestions for changes please let me know.
Once I wandered into a town without law (yes, I know, huge mistake) and I was mugged. To be honest, they actually murdered me and were about to throw me into the ocean before a mod came along and gave them all a chance to void it, or by the OOC laws, be all flagged for perma-death. So instead, something else happened.

1: They stole an amount of arunes from me. Now, this is not to say I have to hand over every arune in my account, as I would not carry that all on me, but they had me give them a reasonable amount OOCly. Now, if you do not have a home, that would be not good for you...

2: They stole part of my clothing (My old orange coat and my shoes) and I had to remove it from my skin

3: They gave me a near-fatal head injury that affected me IC for quite a while, affecting my walking speed I believe, which can be changed via /menu and clicking the boots on the side

4: I lost memory of the event, only remembering a powerful blugeoning to my head (Someone hit me with a hammer) and maybe that Solrex saw Anya before going out (she was deaf at the time, thus she could not know that it was me)

5: Part of the injury, the attack to my head stretched "my neck" (Vocal cords), and so I could only talk within /ch w for a long time, using tea with honey to allow my voice to travel a /ch rp distance for a single message. /ch s was completely out of the question

6: When I recovered, I was told never to talk about it ever again(IC), for a private deal that I will not mention due to potential for metagaming, but If I broke that deal, my character would most certainly have to pay the price in blood.

7: I had to declare my IC Inventory, and they could've taken anything. I described one of my medical textbooks as a "boring" book, and luckily they didn't take it. It was a while ago, but I do believe I had some sort of weapon on me that they took.

Now, these are all just examples of what can happen during a theft, there is more that can happen, but this is my personal experience with it. Now, the rule with death, is that if you kill someone, you are flagged for permadeath for the next 30 or so days (Someone correct me if I am wrong), and that means if your character dies, they cannot be revived. Personally, I think it would be interesting to make a bit of a rogue-like assassin character, being hired by whoever paid the most, but Solrex would never in a million years be that character... Nope... He would have to have a complete memory wipe and some pretty damaging brain damage to change his personality to even do that.

Also, if you do get into combat, the command is not /ch combat , as I have seen that mistake happen, the channel is called /ch rpc which stands for roleplay combat I believe.

What are some of the things worse than theft, aside from death?
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That's not something that would happen with my guild. Although you did just go quite off-topic there. You might want to send that as a private message to a moderator or administrator instead of taking it up here.
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every now and then i might see someone walking through eagle's nest, so i'd say that it's still use. But beyond that, I rarely see anyone. Btw, nice work on [REDACTED] near the [REDACTED]. Did you build it?
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I do enjoy this thread, but it seems like a very small portion to a huge potential, which can be made up if it is abolished and a legacy would carry it on.

If this organization is still running it would interest me if it was and the changes made to it to further expand this addition to the whole of roleplay on Aethier. Let me know how you are doing and it would be in my best interests to help you out with this if you would need assistance.

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