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With the Jarl's final approval, minor construction started in Hundabaeli. Reina's planning soon after began to come together in the progress, the work she'd been dealing with for quite some time now. She'd finally see her fruit of her sleepless nights just planning and sorting out what she was going to do. The construction was only affecting one building however, as a normal home was being converted to a clinic Reina would run soon enough. It was in the best location she could have picked, easy access and not far from her in case of an emergency. Plus it was in the centermost settlement of the Jarldom so far. The workload wasn't fully done, so even in the midst of construction, Reina still worked and aided where she could. The workaholic side in her showed in everything she did. This is what her progress looked like to get and she watched with pride, hoping it worked out in the end. She was far from done, even after the clinic was completed.

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