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Notice of Voided RP [11/25/2019] [Nevermind read the second post] (1 Viewer)

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After a player report was made it was brought to the attention of moderation team that there were a number of unintentional lore violations involving the incorrect use of magic regarding the RP surrounding Kelsier’s death.

The list goes as follows:

The spell used upon Kelsier, “Cognitia Paralysis”, grants the user “invulnerability to any type of damage/harm for the duration of this spell and two posts.” The duration being for three emotes.

Sigmar stabbed Kelsier in the leg on turn one of the spell being active, meaning this leg wound would be negated.

2nd turn of the spell being active, Sigmar tried to throw Kelsier, this entire throw would've been negated by the invulnerability and causing inconsistencies with the rest of the rp, but we will continue.

3rd turn Sigmar stabs him in the chest, and while this hit wouldn’t have been able to hit regardless due to the chainmail and plate, the magic would also negate it from hitting his armor.

4th turn of protection active, 1st after spell ended, he would twist/pull the sword out of his gut. Once again, this would have been negated by the spell as it was dependent on the emote prior to have been dealt.

Because of this situation and the large number of lore violations and magic inconsistencies used to kill Kelsier, moderation team has decided that RP surrounding Kelsier’s death needs to be voided. This does not mean the event was voided, solely the interactions regarding Kelsier’s death specifically. (Confronting him about refusing to follow orders, however the act referenced to is not void as it took place in the event.) We apologize for any trouble this may have caused as this also voids any further rp pertaining to his death occurring after the event.

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