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In regards to my previous ban appeal and my ban in all,

I fully regret my actions through breaking CoC 1 and 2.
I regret not giving my full respect towards all and any previous staff members.

  1. I believe the first and foremost issue was my grudge against certain staff members and finally voicing an opinion against them. I addressed them in a childish way by name calling and bashful language. I regret that I had not matured enough to deal with this within the right steps of action.
  2. The second of course being my joking of ‘rape’ culture, whether not it was a joke it shouldn’t of been said. I fully regret this action as it was in poor taste, and another point towards the immaturity of myself.
  3. In regards to my first warning, I was warned due to a meme that had to do with another player involving my own. Since It had displayed my character’s name, I do not know whether that was the reason for that warning. It was posted in a private discord in the defense of that player and myself. I cannot say with full truth that I regret this since it reality it had nothing to do with me other than involving the nature of my character Kanu.

These were the main points for my ban, my childish nature and my joking of an unfortunate situation icly.

I apologize to the bystanders that had to bare witness to these actions.


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Moderation team has agreed to unban you under the following condition:
  • A temporary last warning status for COC #2. Joking about rape is not okay as you seem to realize and will not be tolerated further.
Do you agree to these terms?

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