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The Coalition
[Art by Ryan Metcalf]
The Coalition is an antagonist group focused on necromantic forces. The group's inspiration is from Magu, a mortal-risen Vaya, and the Black Pantheon, which was mainly introduced during the Aestatian War in the previous world. While most of the band's power is gathered through necromancy and undead, personal agendas are pushed to ensure growth of all members; we rely on each other to secure our goals. Ambition is a top priority.

Right now, the Coalition is a small faction with somewhat meager numbers (in terms of an army). However, in the next world, we plan to secure land and introduce ourselves into the manpower and faction system, meaning we can play a role in shaping the world's politics and history. The Coalition's ambitions should always remain hidden—if you have a knack for secrecy and intrigue or another for forced dominance, our group is for you. Each branch has their individual roles and are led by the most powerful of Cyril's bound or insiders.

Some of the popular options in the Coalition are insiders, becoming a Bound, and playing undead; however, playing Bound and undead will typically mean you cannot roleplay in the most popular hubs, which may make this group an interesting side character to participate with. Whatever option you choose, you're more than welcome here.

Most people have my Discord, but if you don't, add me at sherlock#5986. PM me and we can set you up! Also keep in mind that becoming an insider is secretive, both IC and OOC. If you're interested in that, do not respond to this thread. DM me personally.
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