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Though some threats linger, the walls of Mutajara have been repaired and the defenses of Tikhameru greatly bolstered. Without war and destruction on their doorsteps, the Mutajarans occupy their time with matters of faith and culture, allowing long-dormant things to blossom again. Under the Pharaoh Garai, the Mutajarans build great statues, paint their temples, and create works of literary merit. It is not a perfect world, nor a perfect society, but some things have changed for the better.
"By Pharaonic Decree," say the heralds, "Mutajara has a new Queen and Commander."

"QUINCE JAIN, close ally and consort of the Pharaoh, is now Queen. She shares his authority on matters of Ka'ath and faith."

"JIDAAN, trusted warrior, is now Commander of the Wardens, second only to the Pharaoh himself. May he be ever-vigilant."

These announcements are spread throughout the province. They establish the mentioned persons as some of the highest-ranking Mandarazim, with the responsibility of upholding the small kingdom at the Pharaoh's side.

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