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The stifling dark of the hidden cave fills the air, utterly silent and devoid of living creatures. It lays there, only to be breached by the gentle scraping sound of the large roots on Snowheart's legs. Light comes around the corner in the form of a cloud of fireflies leading him onward and downward. In his hands, a small glass container filled with amber sap, something inside. He marches steadily onward as the fireflies curve around the bend and into the chamber ahead. He steps into the cavern, to see that the grass has fully grown and the Sunstones have died out. The Glyphic Circle surrounding the lawn constantly feeds it life.

Snowheart lowers onto his knees in the middle of the subterranean lawn with some effort, his joints creaking. With a flick of his hand the fireflies go to fill the cavern with a dim light. Placing the glass container down in the grass, he digs a small but deep hole into the earth. Taking the lid off, he reaches into the sap and removes the preserved seed that was held within the amber.

"And so I bring you into my curse of eternal life within this withered world. Had I the time, I would have taken more of you - but, here we are. A Grave Tree with naught but a single bodiless grave."

He places the seed into the hole, and moves the earth back overtop, packing it down. He would hold both of his hands above and to either side as he opens his Spark. The green light in his saplike eyes flares up again as he casts, the same pale green shimmer surrounding his hands. He closes his eyes and focuses, feeding the mana into the earth and the seed. Slowly - but much much quicker than normal - a Pine tree begins to sprout from the ground, steadily shooting up and growing branches. After a long while of channeling, the cavern would see a full sized but bare Pine tree which nearly reaches to the roof of the cave. Snowheart stands, and presses both hands toward the dead looking tree, and the green light moves toward it like a thick mist. All across the tree, needles would suddenly spring from it's boughs and completing the spell. Snowheart falls down to his knees again, the green light seeping from his eyes in a mana-dust mist as it disperses into the air.

"Now I bear witness to yet another generation. This time of the tree I once planted in another life. Reap what you sow, they say.. Well. Time to get to sowing."

He would take his necklace off, and removes the stopper as he looks at the Snowdrop engraving on the front. He would take another small vessel and pours out some of the sap from his necklace into it, being extremely careful not so spill a single drop. He then waves a hand and the trunk of the tree splits open near the base. He would put the container inside, and seals the tree shut around it. He'd then put his necklace back on.

"Now, just wait for me a little longer. Either I'll save you soon, or I'll condemn you to your current fate for all of eternity. Should that happen, know I tried."

He stands before his Grave Tree in silence for a moment, looking at the handful of seeds he removed from his satchel. He would then spend the next hour planting and speeding their growth, forming a garden of Snowdrops around the Pine tree, the Circle of Life enchanted into the Circle perpetuating their life.


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When stride is long, and breath is deep, and keen the mountain air,
Come back to me! Come back to me, and say my land is fair!

When sun and shower upon the earth with fragrance fill the air,
I'll linger here, and will not come, because my land is fair!

I'll look for thee, and call to thee; I'll come to thee again!

I'll look for thee, and wait for thee, until we meet again.

we will take the road that leads into the West,
And far away will find a land where
both our hearts may rest.

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