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Under order by Jarl Hollowgale, a collection of both Frjálstað and Auðrstað warriors would be sent out into the northern wilds in the west, each in separate groupings; they were dispatched to patrol the borders of the edge of the once-raided wolf's den, as well as remaining closer to home, bordering the craggy cliff-sides overlooking the deep blue. The official purpose was to scout and clear the area for the potential commencement of an ambitious construction, especially with the presence of the Zheng ruins; after all, the Vinnagardians already viewed the land as theirs anyway. Raven scouts, meanwhile, continue to soar in the northern skies for any dangers or intruders. Any attempts to hunt in said area or scavenge resources by foreigners would be hindered, with arrest being the consequence should they refuse. These patrols would continue, soon becoming a routine for the warriors unless explicitly commanded otherwise. Any sightings of assumed unauthorized entry will be reported to both Karl Róðolv Rikardsson, and Hilda Medeiros Hollowgale.

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